Friends Forever

March 1, 2010
“Congratulation class of 2000. You have now graduated.” Those are the last words of high school I could remember and thinking back now I wish those days were still here. My name is Amy. What I am about to tell you no one knows and well I never really thought I would tell anyone. Things got bad and we didn’t know what to do. Now that I look back on it I wish we would have. I know that this information would have saved them and I am sorry it took me so long to tell you but we all thought we were crazy.
We all have been friends since grade school. Our parents use to be friends but for some reason they hate each other and they just keep telling us we would understand someday. Whatever that means.
Today though we get to be adults. We are moving into our new house. It is the same house that our parents lived in when they went to school. They told us that it was the PERFECT house. When we went to move our stuff in we thought the house was beautiful. It was amazing. Everything was so perfect. It was like this house was made for them. We were so excited moving in that we didn’t realize that this house was in the middle of nowhere.
Within the next couple of days weird things started happening. Cloths were out of place and things came up missing. It was nothing big but enough to really irritate us. We all started to accuse each other and that lead to a lot of tension in the house. For some reason the more tension in the house the worse things got. We started to see things but no one told anyone else.

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