My brothers Wedding in Hawaii

March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

“Channel 10 reports live here at yellow stone national park. See this Volcano right here?” Said Lisa. It had terribly exploded about ten minutes ago. I was told to tell the world about it so I am. I hope you all have a nice day.

Channel 10 was over then so I turned off the TV. “Hi my name is Susie Q, but everyone calls me Susie. My kids and I are getting ready for Hawaii to see my brother Steve and his Fiancé Kim.

Steve is a real nice guy, but his girlfriend is psycho. She likes to throw things across the room, put holes in the wall. Like one time she was going super crazy and she went across the room and started to beat on Steve! “Come on Kids!” I’m not even sure why is still with her. She is psychotic. But any who the Kids and I are driving to the nearest boating dock in Salem, Oregon. The travel is going to be a day long from where we live. We live in Sacramento, California.

“COME ON KIDS!” My kids are very slow these days. I have a sixteen year old name Bobbi Jo and she makes sure looks perfect. Then I have a seventeen year old boy named Jason. He’s into all that Goth stuff, every time I see him it makes me want to puke.
“Bobbi Jo and Jason” “LETS GO!” “Coming” say the kids. “Its about time, geese”

So now were putting our stuff into the car, and we’ll be heading to Salem, Oregon. “SHOT GUN” shouts Bobbi Jo. “Whatever” Jason simply says. Don’t start arguing you two. “Fine, we wont mom”

So now we’re on our journey! Were driving through the great state of California. We have to drive to the Wonderful State of Oregon.

“So, Bobbi Jo, What’s wrong”?

I have a headache, mom” says Bobbi Jo “Its from Jason’s music.” “JASON”! Shouts Bobbi Jo

“WHAT”? Jason rudely replies.

“Turn down your darn music. Its way to loud and I have a headache from it” Bobbi Jo was saying.

“Well I don’t want to hear your annoying high pitched voice. Its getting on my nerves” rudely said Jason

“MOM”! Screamed Bobbi Jo

“Jason you be nice to your sister”

“Whatever mom you always take her side no matter what,” replied Jason.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me Boy”!

“Ok mom” Jason said nicely

We finally made it to the Boating Dock. We got all of our stuff out of our car and put it on to the boat. Now were on our way to Hawaii.

While we are on the boat, we have fun and wasting time. “Hey kids! Come over Here”! You see that island over there?

“Yeah” they replied

That’s where were going!!

“Sweet” Replied Jason

While we were getting closer to the island I had called Steve to let him know we were getting close. I was excited to go see Steve. It’s been so long since the kids and I have seen him. The last time I saw him is when he had came to California to come visit us after the kids dad had left us. That was about four years ago.

So now were at the island and Steve is waiting there for us. “Come on Kids. Uncle Steve is here”!

So we got all of our stuff and stick it in the trunk of Steve’s car, and we got in.

“How you doing Susie Q”?

“I’m doing alright. How about your self”?

“I’m doing alright, other than getting married.” Steve said sadly.

“Uncle Steve” said Bobbi Jo

“Yes” Steve Replied

“Why is your getting married to Kim?” Bobbi Jo asked

“Well, I am pretty getting forced to do. If I don’t marry her, she will go crazy and so won’t her parents.” Uncle Steve replied.

“Why”? Bobbi Jo asked.

“ Because they’re looking for the perfect guy for there perfect daughter. She is even not perfect. She goes crazy all the time. She throws her fits and blah blah all the time. She never quits complaining!” shouted Uncle Steve

“ Well that’s stupid Uncle Steve, I got a plan that might just work.” Bobbi Jo replied

“Well what is it”? Uncle Steve Asked

“ Just put help me on your shoes on the bottom of your shoes and we will go from there!” Bobbi Jo replied with a smirk on her face.

“OK, I am going to trust you with this Bobbi Jo.” Uncle Steve said while giggling.

Now were at Steve’s house and were taking our stuff into the house.

“Mom”! Shouted Jason

“Yes Jason?”

“Look at this House its Beautiful” Jason replied with a smile on his face.

Woods and wildlife out in the middle of nowhere surrounded Steve’s house. He owns a two-story house, which is made of maple wood, and it has a deck out back. He also has one pool and a hot top sitting around the deck. When we walk inside you see the living room. To the left is where we hung our jackets on the coat rack. Further into the house were the Kitchen, bathroom, and Steve and Kim’s room. Then when we walked up the glass stairs we had to be real careful. When we got to the top there were four rooms. Three was guest bedrooms and one was the Bathroom. The Guest rooms were beautiful!

The kids and I walked back down stairs and Kim was making dinner for all of us.

“What are you making?” I asked

“I’m making Chili, you do like Chili right”? Kim asked

“YES!” All of us said at once

“That’s good” Kim replied with a big smile on her face.

Kim didn’t look too crazy. She had long brown hair, freckles, and she had these really pretty baby blue eyes. But I cant judge her on her appearance I don’t know her on a personal bases.

Were all done eating and were going to get some rest for tomorrow. Steve looks all nervous because he’s hoping that this plan works out.

“Good Night everyone” said Kim and Steve

“Good Night” We said

“It’s the Big Day and everyone is Nervous.

“Calm down everyone” I shouted

“Susie Q I am so nervous, I hope this plan works out the way Bobbi said will” Uncle Steve said wiping his forehead.

“Everything in the church looks so pretty.” I told Honey.

“It took us all night to do this” Honey replied.

“WOW” I replied

“Here comes Kim,” I told Honey

“She looks so pretty,” Honey said

They’re saying their vowels and there on their knees cause Kim is catholic.

“Why is their help me on Steve shoes?” asked Honey

“That’s where I come in,” Bobbi said.


“We all now know that you don’t want to marry Kim so don’t its your choice not hers. So get up and lets leave” Bobbi said.

“This is your plan”? Uncle Steve said.

“Yes it is” Bobbi Jo laughed.

“Lets go now uncle Steve” Bobbi Jo said.

Now Kim is crying but Steve is happy that’s all it matters.

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