February 26, 2010
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The ground was shaking all around me, my legs quivered like a scared newborn puppy being brought into a new home.

I yelled out to my mom through the crowd of people, “ Mom, mom what's going on?” She replied in a shout, “Hold on John its and earthquake!”

Buildings were collapsing all around me and dust filled the air. Quickly running, people started sprinting for cover in then the buildings. My mom and I followed behind them.

After a moment the whole room became silent as if everyone was trying to hear something. I lessened in quietly and heard a faint crackling noise and looked up towards the ceiling and realized that the whole building was about to come crashing down on all of us!

I thought to myself, “I hope I survive through this.”

I put my hands my hands over my head as did mom. The building fell and everyone started to scream. We were trapped! As we sat there in pain my mom had tears in her eyes. I felt helpless and hopeless watching her suffer. Watching her lay there was a sight I will never forget. Shortly after the tragedy I heard sirens. I knew that could only mean one thing; we were going to be saved!

The sirens grew louder and louder till I could see the trucks outside the building My heart raced with excitement as the man in the truck walked toward me. He was wearing a bright red jacket and seemed to be very old. He shuffled the hundreds of pounds of debris off of me and reached out a hand. I quickly grabbed it and was yanked out. Once I was out of the building I was so thankful for what the man had done. Coughing, moaning, and tripping over myself I thanked the man one more time. Suddenly I realized something was wrong. My mom was not with me! Hands trebling, legs shacking I waited there anxiously for her to be brought out from the debris. Slowly two men came out holding a stretcher. I couldn't tell who was on it till they brought the bed in front of me. Laying there with her eyes closed was my mom. The red coated man , with a sad sad look on his face glanced at me and mumbled,

“She didn't make it, I'm very sorry.”

I sat there traumatized. I knew I couldn't do anything without my mom. She was my best friend as well as woman who raised me as a child. Today was by far the worst day of my life.

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