just call me hopeless

February 14, 2010
By serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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"its better to burn out then fade away." -Kurt Cobian ♥

chapter 1

my beginning

Fox 23.9 todays forca--- *BAM* i wacked my alarm clock as it went off.

it was the first day of 7th grade, another school and more anoying teachers. this school, lincoln middle school will be my 12th school ive moved 15 times in this tragity of a life.

my name is camara hope i just moved into nevada. i dont like to asoiciate and i have mediam length black hair and lime green eyes. i have one brother who lives in maryland with his girlfriend mindy. i live with my mom alone, my father brian hope was shot going on a band wagon in pittsburg, before i was born of corse.

so now i had 10 minutes before school. i raced out of bed and threw on the first thing that matched tight black pants and a black shirt saying love hurts. i found my shoes under the couch, apple bottom high tops, where my mom was watching TV and smoking a ciggarate. she yelled at me to "GET!". so i ran out the door with two minutes to spare.

the bus came trudging down the road i got here just in time, i stumbled on the bus, and fell into the first available seat open.
the kid in front of me had brown eyes, black shirt, jeans and black hair. he turned around suddenly and said "hi!" to enthousiasticly for 7:00 in the morning. i said "yea."i guess thats not what he was expecting , becuase he looked disapointed for a while but that dindnnt last long he said "my names max" "uh huh" i said a kid behind me said " yea! dog! ruff ruff! you gunna do a trick for me?!" "shut up shane" replied max loudly. shane turned to me and said "hey....camara right?" i said " sure" glumily. he replied "cool im going to call you cam" "ok" i said. "ok im going to go to the park tonight would yo--
"no!" i cut him off
"well i have a dog"said max
"yea!" yourself yelled shane
"NO!" max yelled
"boyes settles yous downs"said the crazy busdriver rosanne.
"ok camara"max tried again "i have a dog would you like to come over and me--
"no!" i cut him off too.
shane and max gave confusing glances at eachother.
"so." shane says "tell me about youself"
"idk!" i said raising my vioce a bit.
"ok" shane says.
"come meet my dog cama-- "owww!" screams max
a tea bottle hit him in the head.
"shane says cody did it"
isabella says. "ugh y!" max complians loudly


we arrived at the school with everyone fighting. we all had 5 minutes to get to our homerooms. once i was there ms. cambelle gave me my locker.
#473 combination 22-14-4. cool i say when i open it a peice of paper flutters out. it says

ur mom is hot
thats very nice i say once i read it then the bell rings motioning everyone that its time for 2nd period to start.

i get to class just in time, history with mr.printle. in the middle of class, while mr.printle is writing on the board , a piece of paper lands on the edge of my desk. i look around and see max beconing me to open it up. i do and this is what it says.

hi do you think mr. printle knows his zippers down?
when i look up from the note mr. prittle is staring at me he says " please cam would you like to read us what couldnt wait till the halls?"

i answer in a pale voice "hi do you think mr printtle knows his zippers down?"
mr. printle looks down and turns red he stutters and tries to explain "i uh...it sliped"turning even pailer i slid down into my seat. he tries to pull it up and says "its stuck" everyone cracks up luaghing, as i inch deeper in my seat, the teachers glaring at me and im thinking "ughh we got off to a good start"

for the rest of the day i stayed clear of everyone expecialy "max"


as i ran up the steps i shouted "mom i'm home" she says "in here"
i walk into the living room shes smoking and drinking she throws me 2 20$ and say "im going to the casino with adam and casey, order some dinner, stay out of my room , invite your boy over just dont get funky on the couch" shes drunk i think great she stumbles through the kitchen and grabs her purse "bye sweet pie member no funkky bussiness on the couch teeheee" i walked down to the store and bought a peice of pizza and a poptart. i walked down to the park and sat on the bench, hugging my knees, eating pizza. this was not how i pictured the first day after school, but what did i expect from my mom, she dusnt care.

i hear a crunch and a splat from behind me i wip around and find max on his butt with a bottle of watter spilt all over the ground i say "what do you want from me stalker." in a cold voice. he said "i....i just...i saw you walk by my house so..." "so you thought you would stalk me!" i said raising my voice with every work "no i just..." "ugh just leave me alone" i said every word so cold peircing my own heart. "i just wanted to talk to you" "ABOUT....wat" i said calming down "to get to know you and your family "no! stay out of my face and my bussness!" i picked up my pizza & shoved my poptart in my back pocket and stomped out of the park.

chapter 2


ugh! i wake up the next morning. still aware of my anger for max. i look over at my clock 6:30. wanting to die i get up and pace around my room. after 5 minutes i remembered my mom was out last night. i go around the house and try to find her shes not here o well i think to myself whatever i go throw on a nickleback T-shirt and black jeans.

as i wait at the bustop a girl,katlin,comes by and leans
on the stop sign and says "cool hair" i say "yup" were silent the restoof the time then when the the bus comes the only left open seat behind max. i swing into the seat and slam my stuff down , hard. halfway through the bus ride, max turns around and says "hi" i ignore him i dont know what hes sayin but he blabed the whole bus ride about something , i wasnt paying attention.

when the bus stopped i thought we were at the school but it was a new bus stop. max said "what are you doing" becuase i was standing up in the isle i told him to shut up and shane who was sitting behind me agian today said "fiesty!" i wiped around and glared at him. then sat back down. the next time i looked up there was the most gorgous eyes staring down at me he said somthing but i didnt here him he then sat down. i said "sup." he looked at me and said "yea." all of a sudden i new i liked him. max turned around and looked sad he was looking at the boy he said "who are you?" the boy sitting next to me said im coby meari moved here from virginia then he turned to me and asked "whats ur name?" i told him i was camara he said cool he told me on the bus ride that his father had died in a car crash 3 years ago. i told him about my mom and dad and my life and the guy sitting in front of us "max"
we were at the school and i asked him who he had for homeroom he said mr. crisp. i said nice. see ya later. i was pretty happy till i noticed i had health today with miss wolf. when i got there though the first thing i noticed was coby mear sitting rite in the back. my heart jumped i took a seat next to him.

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