Me You And Him

February 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I walked into his office, my eyes dancing with rage. I stared at him. He stared at me. For once he knew, I wasn’t scared I wasn’t afraid I was angry; unlike my usual timid self. The blue walls that were covered with pictures felt like they were all staring at me. I need help and Micah knew he was going to give it to me especially in the state I was him; or at least at the time, I hoped he would. “Opheilya, what happened?” he said his voice with worry. I looked into his eyes and his usual jolly face was full of confusion and exhaustion.”Let’s go.” I said, stating it as if I had just read off a fact off a sheet of paper, “You’re going to help me find him, so Micah lets go.” My teacher sat at his computer, dumbfounded. “You’re in school, you know that, right? Where are we even goin—“He wasn’t there when I woke up and my mom won’t say anything, so you and I are going to find my brother, where ever he is.” Answering the questioning look in his eyes I continued, “And yes it’s much more important for school”. “I can’t, Opheilya, I can’t.” This was not just happening, he did not just….I tried to calm myself but nothing was working. I wasn’t backing down now, I wasn’t stopping. I stare at him my arms across my chest, my heart filling with indignation and rage. “You’re telling me, that you won’t come and help me find my missing brother? Your saying that your will let him rot and die in a slum on the side of the road?!? I cannot believe you. You were his friend Micah, a friend. And now you’re letting him die. “He swiveled his chair to face me. His voice rising. “Opheilya, I am not letting him die. I cannot go. I am not authorized to take you out of school. And for your information he stop talking to me. He stopped being there for me, not the other way around.” I stop to consider my words carefully, “then you be the bigger person. Help me find my brother. This is not about what happened between you two. This is not about why you’re still not talking; this is not about the friendship. This is about you helping me find my brother whether that is Drey or someone else. Micah, please.” I walked out his office to my next class, careful not to cry. As I sat in Science wondering whether I would ever see my brother again. Micah comes in, apologizes to my teacher “Sorry excuse me just for a moment, Opheilya you’re going home now please pack up your stuff.” Micah winks in my direction and leaves. As I walk out of the science building towed the main office. My teacher is leaning on the side of his car and he throws the keys to me. “Where to?” he smiles at me. “Start by going to the city, and from there we will see.” I look at the man driving, his eyes straight on the road, at his gorgeous blue eyes, his round face. The car is silent, the humming of the road behind us. The air though, is not tense, it’s just silent. I look at him after thirty maybe forty five minutes, “Micah, What happened between you two?”

The author's comments:
if anything happened to the people i love, i would go to a certin someone, and this is based after that.

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