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February 16, 2010
By Hideki BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
Hideki BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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The family was going to the doctor just for a check up, but now it’s become much, much more than that. As the parents sit in the hospital waiting room, the doctor explains, “. . . he has a brain tumor that is growing rapidly, I’m sorry, but you’re son is dying.” “No!” the mother pleads. “Not my son, Not my son!” she buries her head into her husband’s chest crying. “He only has a couple of days to live, you can go see him now if you like,” the doctor says. The husband thanks him and the doctor leaves them to be alone.


As the boy waits for his parents, he looks around the room. There are 3 plants by the window, He recognizes one of them as roses and the other two as lilies. As he looks at his surroundings the nurse comes in, and following her are his parents. His mom has red eyes as if she has been crying. “What’s wrong mom?” he asks. “Nothing sweetie I . . . was just sleeping,” she says. Although he knows she is lying he accepts it knowing that she likes to cry a lot. He can’t wait until the doctor says he can go so that he can go and eat out with his parents like they do every year after a checkup. His parents walk over and hug him telling him that he has to stay at the hospital over night to check a few more things. O come on!!!! He thinks It’s already been long enough just let me out already. But since it’s already late out he goes to bed expecting lunch tomorrow as he goes to sleep.


As he sleeps he sees a man covered in a black cloak, he also has a black brimmed hat, and long white hair. The man offers a vile of a weird metallic-looking liquid saying, “I have the cure to end all your suffering,” his voice as smooth as velvet. “My suffering?” the boy asks as searing pain like no other shoots through his entire body. It happens again and he wakes up drenched in sweat. The pain doesn’t go away. He looks around and sees his parents sleeping in the chairs beside his bed. He continues looking for the button that signals his despair to the nurses. Finally after what seems like hours of torturous pain and suffering, he finds it and presses the button. After a while the nurse finally comes into the room. She asks, “what’s wrong?” He remembers her name is Lydia. My body is in agonizing pain the boy tells her. She asks, “what does it feel like?” “Like I’m in pain,” he says. “Well how about this on a scale from 1 to 5 how bad does it feel?” He says, “10!”
“Do you want any painkillers?” she asks. “Yes please!” so after a while she finally got that clear liquid of miracles to his arm and he goes back to sleep

Shortly after he falls asleep he sees the man again offering him the bottle repeating what he said previously “I have the cure to end all your suffering.” This time the boy understands what suffering, and reaches for the vile, but as he grabs for it the vile disappears between his fingers like sand falling in the sand clock counting down what little time he doesn’t yet know that he has left. The man says, “I’m sorry but you are not yet able to acquire the cure” another shot of pain shoots throughout his body fortunately this time it only lasts a short few seconds but even that seemed like a lifetime until it stopped. When he opens his eyes he sees his parents sitting by his bedside this time they are awake. When his mom sees him open his eyes she asks him how he is. “Fine now, when do I get to leave, I‘m hungry” he says. His mom looks at his dad with concern. His dad says, “Look son, it’s hard to say this . . . But you only have a short time to live.” “you’re kidding right?” “No,” his dad says. His mom says, “you’re not alone, we’ll help you with anything you need.” “Well can I have some food, I’m starving.” “alright, what do you want,” his dad says. “Ummmm. . . Can I get a number three from King Bur-.” Then the pain strikes again but this time he starts to shake violently from the pain. “Can we get a doctor in here?!” his mom shouts.


He returns to the darkness again. He sees the man again, and he repeats the same phrase as the last times, “I have the cure to end all your suffering.” This time when the boy reaches for the vile of metallic-looking liquid his hand touches and wraps around it. The boy brings it to his lips and drinks. He expects it to taste horrible and metallic like so many other medicines, but instead it has no taste. Then the man says “now that you have drank the poison cure you will be cured of all your pain and suffering.” Then the boy feels like he’s falling into a deep, dark abyss in which he can never return and no light can penetrate, it almost seemed blacker than death. He can no longer feel anything, for he has been healed of everything through death.


Rom 5:14- Nevertheless, death ruled as king from Adam down to Moses,

The author's comments:
I wrote this for english class, it was to include a line from a song we chose, I chose saosin- you're not alone

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