The Man That Helped Me Take His Gold

February 16, 2010
By dikfitzwell BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
dikfitzwell BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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New York, NY
Tarence Tulik a rich lawyer just won his second-hundredth case, and went to celebrate with a few friends from the firm. He has them in his hand, at least it seems this way. Well and it seem true, I mean they pamper him all because he is the boss. They all want his position in power. They trained all their lives for this. Best schools, best in their class, seminar after seminar, internship, and more. Well tonight they take him to a very expensive night club kind of on the border of the rich part of New York and the “bad part “of New York.
They pull up in their nice cars and wearing their expensive clothes. When on their way up to the door they hear a voice say wow, what kind of drugs do you sell, and Tulik replies what do you mean young man. This kid replies well around here only dealers have enough money to dress like that, come to this club, and drive cars like that. Tulik thinks to himself, wow this kid only knows no success. Mr. Tulik tells his friends to go on ahead. They don’t argue and they go on in.
Suddenly Mr. Tulik sits down next to the kid. The kid, kind of hesitant at first, says listen man I don’t want to sell whatever you want or think I will sell for you. Mr. Tulik lets out a big laugh and says well um… waiting for a name… um Marcus , Marcus Hall, aw yes Marcus, well I’m not a dealer, I’m actually a big lawyer. Pss… Marcus mutters with sarcasm. Oh you don’t believe me. Well lets’ take a ride, um well, don’t trust me Tulik says. To ensure that he wasn’t a bad person he says here is my wallet-keep it until I prove you I am who I say I am. Umm, ok Marcus replied.
They get in to his new car, Marcus replies yep, definitely a dealer, with a grin on his face. Ok well if you are who you say you are than how did you become so rich.
Well, Tulik replied, I was raised beneath the shade of a Georgia pine. Ok Marcus says with a questionable look on his face. Georgia Georgia , Georgia boy, he says. I'm from Georgia.
Oh ok, well that is probably why you're so successful, because it wasn't so rough were you lived. Well I was faced with the same things as you, but I decided at an early age that I would make something of myself. I maintained good grades and made good choices throughout my high school years. I was valid Victorian of my class with 4.0 GPA. I got a full scholarship to Harvard University as a major in law. I also finished top of my class there. I finally went to law school and got my law degree.
After I left law school I came to New York to work on an internship at a law firm. At the end of my internship I began to work for a successful firm. I won case after case. Fifteen years later I became the owner of the firm.
It made me the man I am today.
Wow Marcus replied, I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer or doctor, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to ever afford it, so I gave up on that dream two years ago in 8th grade. So how did you maintain to do it and not give up.
Well my grandma used to say to me "in life there are many things pushing you down, but do you have the power to emerge and stand up." Oh, sounds like she pushed you a lot. But nobody pushes me. See that’s where you’re wrong. Everybody that tells you to do something for the bettering of yourself wants the best for you, although sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.
With a quiver in his voice he says ok, so where is this firm. Well look out the window. As Marcus looked out the window he see a build standing at 75 stories tall and the most amazing thing to him was the gold letters on the front that read "Tulik Law Enterprises."The giant letter amazed Marcus I mean it was the shiniest thing he had ever saw. The moon beamed on the like a reflection on the ocean.
Marcus stunned with thought, says I’ll never have a chance to do something this great. Then he remembers what Mr. Tulik went through, and said maybe I do have a chance. It seemed as if he had a new spark in his eye, a new outlook on life, he had finally realized that he had the power, and he controlled his own life.
Then bursting out of his mouth like a kid waiting to tell his friend about a surprise, Mr. Tulik looked at Marcus he said that’s all I needed to hear! Marcus quickly looking up said what, what are you talking about, why did you need to hear that. Now that I know you have the drive to do better I’ll make you an offer. What is-it, Marcus replied. Well if you can keep your grades up I’ll teach everything I know about law. But you’ll need a suit and tie to work here; if that’s what you want to do with your life. It is, it is Marcus said with great excitement. Suddenly then the look of happiness melted off his face as he muttered out I still can’t become a real lawyer, because I can’t afford law school. Mr. Tulik said, don’t worry I’ve got it covered, just do well in school and I’ll pay the extra expenses.
Thank you, again and again Marcus kept repeating. I have to tell my mom this great news!
Where do you live at so I can take you home. No, Marcus said, you’ve already done enough for me, as he gets out of the car. He hands Mr. Tulik his wallet back and Mr. Tulik said you start on Monday. I promise I’ll be here right after school.
So Mr. Tulik changed his life for the better.
Marcus started to make good grades, and working at Tulik Law Enterprise. Mr. Tulik checked his grades every week as he worked. Marcus made great grades and in the summer worked at Tulik Law Enterprises like a normal job. He finished his high school career and got valid Victorian.
His grades were so good that collages all over wanted him to attend their schools. He got a full scholarship to Yale University. While he attended college he still continued learning about law. He finished top of his class in college too, and had great competition with the other students.
After four years of college he went to law school, which was paid in full by Mr. Tulik. He got his law degree, and got many offers from many law firms to come work for them. He never had a problem choosing were he would start his internship. Of course the other companies tried to lie to him to get him to work for their company. In the end he chose Tulik Law Enterprise.
He was an intern at Tulik Law Enterprise for six months, and was actually getting a pay check. In which he would always try to pay back Mr. Tulik with, but he never could convince him to take the money. After the six months as an intern he finally got the job working there full time.
He got his first case nearly a month later in which he won. He was so excited. He lost his next case. He felt like a failure. Mr. Tulik asked what went wrong out there Marcus and why the long face. It’s just one lose. But you havn’t ever taught me to lose. Mr. Tulik was amazed at this statement and thought to himself, wow he only knows success. Just a few years and a major change. Mr. Tulik said you’ll get another chance, as he through a big case on his desk. He studied the case so much, and in the end won. He continued to win case after case. In doing this he made a name for himself.
Nearly ten years later his job changed drastically. He got into an arguement with Mr. Tulik Again and again about the decision he was about to make, Mr. Tulik replied I have watched you grow and I know you better than anyone and I believe this is the best choice, as he handed him a box for his things. You know you disserve a better opportunity. Marcus didn’t come back with his box for a week hoping that Mr. Tulik changed his mind. But the next week he pulled up to the firm and read those big golden words that had stunned him years before. They now read “Marcus Hall Law enterprise.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after seeing the movie "persuit of Happiness"

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Boo-Arrg BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Very good, the piece is well paced, and keeps you guessing. However, I would suggest working on adding quotation marks, and possibly inserting more paragraph breaks. It would be nice also to see some variation in punctuation and sentence structure, perhaps some commas as well. Keep trying, and I'm sure you will go far with your writing.


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