February 3, 2010
The pain came first. The sense of being broken and lost came soon after. The happiness had completely vanished from the person who had brought it. They gave me happiness, and just like that, it was gone. As I watched them walk away, with their back to me, I felt lonely. I felt like I could fall down and disappear forever right there. I felt as if they were the only one to hold me up for what was coming, and then, just like that, they vanished. My happiness completely left, along with any sane part of me. Someone else had ripped it away with vicious words. The tears followed. They started out as just the eyes watering, but then grew into more pain. Every word that was said after continued to build up on it all. More and more pain. More and more tears. The happiness and joy had gone. As well as the person who had brought it. The person had to leave. When they did, another took their place and crushed every feeling and bit of happiness. Next thing I knew, I was alone and broken. Forever lost until the person was to return who could get rid of the horrible one who had taken their place.

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