Love Lies In Generation

February 8, 2010
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The Crush On Chris

Love is hard to find. Especially with teens, because they are still trying to find what they are looking for. Are teens even ready for love????

Once there was a girl named Alishia and she had a crush on a boy named Chris. Chris stays down the street from Alishia. So one day Alishia and her friends decide to go to Chris's house to play basketball and when they get there....

Alishia: Hey ya'll I don't want to play. I'll just watch .

Gabrielle: Come on girl you know you want to play with us.

Brianna: Yea you just standing over there to flirt with Chris.

Keshia: Hmmmmm i beat he don't even like you, girl you wastin' yo' time.

Chris: Na I don't mind she can stay I need someone to talk to anyway.

So Alishia get to talking and laughing and conversating. And all of a sudden Alishia's mama pulls up.....

Alishia's mama: Come on girls, we have to go. If we don't hurry, we won't have enough time to eat.

As Alishia attempts to leave Chris pulls her aside and they exchange numbers. Moments after they left, Chris gets a phone call from his homie Jamal.

Jamal: Aye homie are you coming??

Chris coming where?

Jamal: To my party..

Chris: Yea man, but let me call Alishia first.

Jamal: She already here na come on ..

Chris : What you mean she already there.

Jamal: Just come.

Chris: Alright

So Chris arrives at the party and just so happens to bump into Alishia.

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