Chapter 2 - A Mesmerizing Summer with Crooked Hearts

January 28, 2010
By , San Jos, CA
Tuesday, July 10

I’m examining myself in the mirror, staring into my chocolate brown eyes. Hmm, maybe a streak of eyeliner or a hint of mascara would finish the look. I quickly applied both and smiled as my gaze traveled down to my dry lips. Smearing on some chapstick and then a layer of my favorite Sparkling Champagne colored lip gloss always works, making my lips shiny and kissable (although I’ll admit I am a lip virgin). I ran my fingers through the tangles in my shoulder length chocolate brown hair. Despite the fact it had taken me half an hour, I loved my chocolate brown hair finally straightened from its random waves and curls. Taking a deep breath, I headed downstairs. As I entered the living room, I waited to hear the familiar honk of Megan Truman’s car. I was going to the circus with Megan Truman, Madeira Leila, and Fletcher Anderson. They aren’t my best friends, but I would definitely call them close.

I rushed out to see Megan’s parents new SUV roll into my drive way. Through the window, Megan’s brother Neal is sitting back, focusing on the music, and then on me. OMG! I never knew he was coming. The hottie had been my crush since 3rd grade. So what if he was a year older than me?

I snapped out of my daydream mode and reached for the door. As I took a seat, Megan began to chit chat.

“Hey Claire.” As she started talking she briefly summarized tonight’s agenda.
We had to pick up Megan’s two BFFs Madeira and Fletcher
To the Circus!
Eat dinner out
Sleepover at Fletcher’s house
In my perspective, the schedule fit perfectly and my summer was off to a great start. Although I had butterflies in my stomach, I knew I would be proud of myself in the end.
To draw my attention away from clowns, Megan started talking about she had taken forever curling her hair. I glanced back and caught Neal rolling his adorable hypnotic green eyes and huffing sarcastically. I smiled at him and to my surprise, he smiled back.

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