January 28, 2010
The Window

I swear my room is haunted, I swear to god it is. It all started on a Thursday I was walking up to my room and then all of a sudden I heard a “CREAAAAK” on the top floor. I didn’t know what it was but I didn’t pay much attention to it. So I just walked into my room put my books and bag down on my desk and went to go lay down on my bed. As I laid there looking at the ceiling I felt a slight breeze, I looked around and I saw that my window was open. “What, What is this? What the heck mom why are you always going into my room,” I screamed down to her.
“What are you talking about Court, I haven’t been in you’re your room. I’ve been out since you left to school I just got home dear!” She yelled back.
“Oh well then, never mind sorry,” I said.

I started looking around my room and saw that my brother’s shoe was lying on the floor.
“ ANDREW,… I should’ve known he would do something so childish,” I said to myself angrily. I stomped out of my room, and stormed straight into my brothers room almost breaking down the door ; I was furious.
“Andrew what did I tell you about going into my room with out my permission that’s right hmm.. YOUR NOT ALLOWED!” I screamed furiously. He looked at me in a strain of confusion.
“What are you talking about Courtney? I was never in your room, I learned my lesson the first time you told me never to go in your room,” He replied in confusion.
“Then how do you explain my window being open and your shoe on the floor of my room huh?” I stated.
“ Why won’t you get it through your head I didn’t go in your room for God’s sake, your insane about that god damn room I swear your crazy,” he said.
“Then what do you have to say about your freaking shoe on my floor?!” She exclaimed.
“I left that in there a week ago, I swear you’re mental sometimes,” he replied.
I stomped out of his room and went back to my room still unsure of who opened my window.
“Well maybe it was me, I do tend to forget stupid stuff like leaving the window open… small things like that.”
So I left it at that and closed my window.

After I closed the window I went downstairs for dinner and closed the door behind me and REMEMBERED that I closed my window, I’m sure of it this time. I was downstairs for awhile I ate dinner, watched some TV. , and finished up some homework. After I was done with all of that I went back upstairs to my room and the first thing I noticed was my window. And it was open.. AGAIN! At this point I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.
“Coincidence,” I thought trying to reassure my self that nothing strange is happening and closed my window again.
“It has to be my brother pulling a prank on me, it just has to be.. For sure it is, what else could be doing such a cruel thing to me?” I said to myself.
I got ready for bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on my PJS, and got into bed. I laid there for a bit pondering about the window, trying to figure out why my window kept ending up open. I wasn’t able to come to a conclusion on this, so I eventually drifted off to sleep. But not long after I awoke to a sudden cold chill rush through my body. I knew where it was coming from .. I just knew.. it was the window, and it was open. I quickly got out of bed ran over to the window almost killing myself hurtling over the crap on my floor and slammed the window shut and locked it. I flew back to my bed and pulled the covers over my head I was shivering from head to toe but not from being cold but from only imagining what could be happening. I couldn’t fall back to sleep after that, it was impossible. So I laid there listening to every single sound, every little creak, and every little whistle that was made. It was no more than an hour later when I heard it. “CLICK” it was the sound of my window unlocking. I threw the covers off of my head and sat there frozen at what I was seeing. It was a man, a man standing next to my window. But he couldn’t be real, he didn’t look real to me, this was all just unreal. He looked really familiar though like I’ve seen him before. I still sat there like a statue no movement, no breath, just staring at him while he stared back at me. Then all of a sudden he just disappeared in to thin air just like that. And then I remembered the vaguely familiar face. It was my father who disappeared years ago.

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legendwhitewolf said...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 1:08 pm

this is awesome i still learning bout the site, ive always used yall neeed 2 check it out great story

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