Silent Observations

January 24, 2010
By TracyMichelle SILVER, Tunnel Hill, Georgia
TracyMichelle SILVER, Tunnel Hill, Georgia
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People in the halls take their time walking in mobs room to room. You dodge around them trying your best to reach your locker. I follow close behind but out of sight. When you stop to get your books I go on by resisting the urge to "accidentally" bump into you. I'll see you soon.

The late bell for first period rings and you walk in seconds late. You slip into your desk far from mine. I can't help but wonder if you remember my name from all the times we've spoken. I push the thoughts from my head.

All during class I steal glances your way. Your head is bent over you work and you chew on your pen as though you don't quite understand.

Later you slip into daydreams and the teacher calls on you. You stutter and try try your best but it isn't good enough. The class laughs and I am embarrassed for you as I secretly wonder if I had been in your dreams.

The bell rings and you disappear. I race through the halls to catch you.I bump into you, this time I can honestly say was completely by accident, and then speed away. All the while I hope I'm not blushing.

I count the time till lunch. With each tick of the second hand I'm that much closer to seeing you.

At lunch you sit at a full table but somehow manage to separate yourself from the others. Today the one who normally sits in front of you is absent. It should be my chance. I greatly considering getting up and asking to sit there. In the end I lack the courage and stay with my friends.

The bell rings and another chance is lost.

The time between lunch and eighth period is long. When that bell finally rings at the end of seventh I find myself walking faster. This is my chance.

You sit in the back and I the front. This is drama class so it won't be long till we walk across the hall to the auditorium. First our teacher must assign this week's scenes and I pray he puts me with you. Then comes my ray of hope that things will work when my prayer is answered.

We're in a scene together but not alone. We are the leads and I am also the director. I wounder how I would ever yell at you like a director does.

After school we have improv. I know I get you alone before. I try have a deep conversation but all you want is advice. I am a sophomore and you are a junior. This is my second year in drama and your first. I answer every question knowing it is the only way I will be able to talk to you today. I silently memorize every movement you make and every word you say.

The teacher calls us into a circle for warm ups. I do my job but all the while I find my stare drifting to you.

We end up in a scene where you propose. I play along wishing this were for real.

I itch more and more to tell you but one thing still stands in the way.

After improv I hope you'll stick around while I wait for my ride. You're gone before I can even say goodbye. I take a deep breath and remember there's always tomorrow as I watch you walk away.

I just wish I had never said I would not date in high school. Tonight I wish on a star once again that our paths will cross in two-and-a-half years.

The author's comments:
This is actually based very much on a personal experaince that I go through everyday. Somethings have been changed and names left out but it is still very much true.

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