Hawaiian Experience

January 24, 2010
By bballgrl1022 SILVER, El Cajon, California
bballgrl1022 SILVER, El Cajon, California
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It was five p.m. and getting anywhere seemed impossible. Horns honked at her as she tried to maneuver her way to the airport. People screamed from their cars as Friday evening traffic began to unfold. She had been staring at the yellow hibiscus that sat on her desk all week to set the mood for her trip to Hawaii-her only paradise. When today came she was anxious to get on the noisy airplane and sit in her lumpy coach seat. The thought of escaping reality for just seven days sounded like heaven, if she was lucky enough to catch her plane on time. But as usual she made it with seconds to spare.

Upon arriving she was greeted with surprisingly that same yellow flower. She checked into the hotel and went straight to the beach. The sunshine beat down on her pale skin. She felt warmth like never before. The grainy sand formed to her feet. The waves crashed on the shore. She sipped lemonade and ate fresh pineapple. The bright colors made her feel such confidence. She could feel this way for seven whole days. This truly was her paradise.

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