Bumps and Bruises

January 25, 2010
By lissiegc BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
lissiegc BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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The fear and agony left visible within his innocent hazel eyes. He watched with bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks, as daddy flew across the room, as a tornado, throwing any object in his path, every which way. His arms stinging from the scratches inflicted upon them. Mommy was nuzzled up in the corner, bruises aligning her arms, and a hand print left across her angel like face. Little Jimmy doesn’t know what to think. Daddy is like an animal, an angry bear maybe. Jimmy is frightened. Tears filled his eyes again, as his father turned to him quickly, gave him a most terrifying look, then suddenly turned away. His father turned on his heals, and Jimmy could hear the soles of his shoes pounding against the tiled floor as he walked straight out the glass door. He pulled it shut with all his strength. Daddy was strong, too strong. And he was gone, never to return again. He was gone faster than Superman soared the skies. He would never come back. It was for the better, but Jimmy didn’t know that at the time. He was only 5 years old.

Years past, but the horrid memory never ceased to leave his mind. He was young then, but he was scarred. His father probably never knew the pain he caused his own son, the emptiness he caused him to feel for days and and months, even years, after he walked out the door. Jimmy is 18 years old now. He has worked hard to stand on his own two feet, and to be as strong and independent as he is now. He's intelligent, considerate, and brave. The hurt he felt after that tragic day as a child, showed him the strength to be a better man than his father could have ever been. Jimmy helped his mom growing up, taking on the role of the man of the house. He brightened up the own light that ceased to shine bright for many years after Daddy left. Jimmy worked and worked to patch up the hole within his family, and his hard work payed off.

Not all of the Jimmy's of the world turn out to be as wonderful, and strong as our “Jimmy” here did. Jimmy may have conquered this torturous obstacle, and taken the worst and learned from it, but most do not. Children all over the world are abused and neglected. Not all are as lucky as Jimmy was to have their abusive elder walk out. Too many put up with it. They deal with the pain and punishment they receive, and never tell a single soul, or reach out for help. Too many grow up believing that is was their own fault, and with just the destruction of a family causes a broken future of their own. Help your friends and your family, and stand up for yourself. Hold out a helping hand to the Jimmy's of the world. Do not allow this to go untreated.

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on Aug. 31 2010 at 6:22 am
NeverCaredForKool-Aid GOLD, Elkridge, Maryland
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I very much liked this story.  I was a beautiful tale, this time with a happy ending.  I loved the way you described the first scene, with the mother too hurt and scared to protect even her five year old son.  I also liked the uprising of the story, when you told how he worked and work to relindle his family and build  a good life for himself.

Your final paragraph was important and full of meaning, but I thought the way it was presented wasn'y a great way to end the story, and second it made the piece feel impersonal to an outsider looking in.  Maybe you could put something about how there are probably Jimmys under your nose that you don't even know about?

Anyway, I did like the story, keep writing!  Can you comment and rate my story, "Encunter"?

on Jan. 31 2010 at 12:58 pm
bass_rockrgrl13 PLATINUM, Burlington, Massachusetts
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Wow. That was really emotional and powerful to read. I bet it was even more so to write. You should try to see if a child abuse society will run your piece of writing as an awareness advertisement.

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