Please, Not This Time.

January 20, 2010
By jordan<3 BRONZE, Trout Run, Pennsylvania
jordan<3 BRONZE, Trout Run, Pennsylvania
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I was upstairs, sitting on my floor, reading a year old 'Covergirl' when I heard him coming up the steps.
What did I do wrong, I got everything done that he asked me to, plus. Oh, s***... I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, how could I? He never leaves me the Toyota and when he leaves the keys for the Nissan he never tells me where they are and gets pissed when I can't find them.

I guess Dad has always been like this, ever since my mom died.
I remember the scene, everything.

"Lily! Get your ass out here!" he said, pounding on my door, that already has a hole the size of a baseball from his fist.
I got up without hesitation and opened the door.

"I'm sorry dad, I couldn't find the keys, I'll go look for them right now and go do it."
He hit me, and I spiraled.

"You know damn well where I put those keys, Lilly," he was looking at me, his eyes filled with disgust.

"Yes dad, Last time they were on your dresser, but I looked earlier and they weren't there. I looked and looked, I was going to call you and ask you where they were but you said not to bother you when you're with Sandy, so I never called," I wimpered, apologizing. My head was pounding, almost as loud as my heart.

"There in the Toyota. Go get them and get your ass to the dry cleaners. Come right home after you pick them up or they'll be hell to pay."

I pushed my fragile legs to stand up, and I walked down the steps trying not to stumble, hiding the pain.

This was everyday life for me and dad. Go to school, do whatever Dad says. Come home from school, do whatever dad says. Wake up, and do it again.

I didn't have any friends because I never got the chance to go to any extra curricular activities or football games, I couldn't even have a friend over.

I'm tempted to run away, but that's no use. He'd follow me, and even if he didn't right away, he'd still find me.

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nothing really, just blank ideas.

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