Is Anyone There?

January 19, 2010
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If there was only a time machine to keep this destruction to blow up in his face all over again. He hated getting himself into trouble, and hated lying about them also. Kelsey didn’t mind though, she didn’t really care about it actually, though she stayed with him for some support.

“Are you done yet?” Kelsey asked, looking up from sitting on the concrete floor. He was currently pacing back, and forth, with his teeth gently chewing on his thumb that wasn’t totally in his mouth.

“No,” he glared down at her. He started working his feet faster, while she was looking around for something interesting to stare at. He thought that there was supposed to be a way to change all of this. You see, he did bad things, and now wants to change it. Only Kelsey knew about it, but she didn’t really do anything to help. “You could at least do something to help,” he complained, looking back down at her.

“Ok fine, kill yourself?” She suggested, with one brow raised. His face dropped, looking annoyed at the strange little girl that was sitting before him. He pretended that she didn’t really mean that, but she did.

“Something less painful,” he scowled at her. She slowly rose up from the ground, and placed one hand on his shoulder.

“Mr. Dolt, I have some suggestions for you, less painful ones,” she said acting like a therapist.

“This is serious Kelsey! I have no time to be playing around with you,” he threw his arms in the air. She just laughed at him, and then pretended to wipe a tear from her eyes.

“For once in my life I am serious,” she quickly put away all the laughing, and giddy junk. His face was smacked with a surprise expression, and he looked very interested in what she was about to tell him.

“Ok fine, what is it?” He said in a little more confident this time. She looked around suspiciously, and then leaned in close to his ear. Her mouth moved gently, making his ear feel her cold breath.

“Tell the truth,” she whispered slowly, balancing each syllable on her tongue. He shoved her to the ground, and growled at her.

“You’re never serious! I’m leaving now! Bye Kelsey,” he spit next to her. It didn’t touch her, but she stuck her tongue out at him. He started walking away, with his broad shoulders tensed up, and his face perfectly stressed. After a few blocks he was gone, and she sighed to herself.

“Too bad he didn’t believe me,” she said, standing back on her feet, dusting off the dirt from her skinny jeans, and rubbing her scratched up elbow. She shrugged, and headed off in the same direction as him.

After a few minutes she spotted him, and jumped on top of his back, with him caught off guard. He turned his head to spot Kelsey smiling at him, but him not returning the smile. “Get off of me,” he ordered.

“Nah, you’re comfy,” she snuggled her head into his back, giggling. He rolled his eyes once again, and tried continuing to walk. “Where are you going anyway?”

“Home, you should come,” he sarcastically remarked.

“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re angry,” she kissed the back of his neck. He moaned from the kiss, but still continued to walk.

“You’re so cute when you’re not on my back,” he mimicked her, under his breath.

“Well, then I don’t want to be cute!” She screamed up. There were some birds flying away from the trees, making the leaves make a ruffling sound, from the fright of Kelsey’s voice.

Soon she was getting too heavy for him to carry any longer, so he let her drop on the ground. After that he heard a scream, and some liquid was spotted onto the back of his shirt. He quickly turned around, noticing that Kelsey’s head was bleeding, with her unconscious. “Oh shit,” he cursed under his breath.

Then his hands were placed under his under her back, propping her up in his arms. He started to run quickly to the direction he believed was the hospital, and didn’t stop for one minute. It was his fault if Kelsey died; he was the one that dropped her, though she was being an annoying little girl. She didn’t deserve to die though, and he didn’t want to lose his only friend that would actually talk to him.

The blood was running down her head onto his hand, but he clutched her head harder. If he dropped her again, he knew that she was defiantly going to die then. “Hold on Kelsey, we’re almost there,” he whispered.

Finally they reached the hospital; he stormed inside still holding Kelsey in his arms. The nurse spotted him, with her eyes widened, and rushed to the side of the boy and the dying girl. “What happened?” She asked, looking back at the boy.

“She –uh slipped,” he came up. He couldn’t tell her that he dropped her, then what if she died? It could be used in court, and then he could go to jail for a very long time.

“Come on, I’ll take her to a room,” she motioned towards him to follow her on her way to an empty room. They ran towards the first empty room that they noticed, and quickly barged inside. He placed her on top of the bed, and the nurse started to wipe the blood off of Kelsey’s head.

“Shouldn’t she be in an emergency room, or something?” Cole asked the obvious.

“They are currently being used, but she doesn’t look like her condition is that bad,” the nurse threw the paper towel into the garbage can.

“Not that bad? She fell on her head, and was bleeding! I consider that bad!” He practically exploded in her face. He cared about Kelsey, and always will, for being a true friend to hm.

“Looks like just a concussion, not that bad,” the nurse repeated her words, and left the room. Cole glared at the nurse as she was walking out of the room, and sat in a chair next to her bed. Then he noticed a little notebook popping out of her pocket, with a little pencil. He pulled it out, and noticed that there were diary entry’s with some little drawings. His eyes averted to the first entry that she wrote in her little notebook that was dated October 29, 2008.

[i]Dear Diary,

Today is the day that I start actually giving writing a try in my life, my mom told me it’s to release my stress, so why not? I’ve found out that I’ve been diagnosed with brain cancer, and well that’s not good whatsoever! I mean I should tell someone right? Then again, no one would care, except Cole of course. Cole, my best friend that’s been through practically everything with me. I don’t know what I’d do without that boy! He’s practically my savior, though he’s more of the bad boy type.[/i]

He stopped there, and started to flip through more of the pages that had something to do with her brain cancer. She didn’t tell him, and he cared that she had it too. After a few pages he stopped, and read the next entry. This one was dated December 13, 2008.

[i]Dear Diary,

This isn’t getting any better, but no, my mom isn’t doing anything about it! This has to be like child abuse or something. Whatever, anyway, Christmas is just around the corner, and I have the perfect gift idea for Cole. He’s just going to love it so much, but if he doesn’t, I’ll smack him upside of the head.[/i]

He didn’t like this entry very much, though the present part, he did like what she gave him that year. His fingers started to flip to the last entry that she wrote. It was dated August 26, 2009.

[i]Dear Diary,

My mom told me that I only have a few days to live, and I don’t know what to do now! I should probably tell Cole now, and hopefully he’ll actually care that I’m not going to be around for much longer. She also said that any impact to my skull will come to complete destruction of my life. Ok, she didn’t say those exact words, but it was something like that! [/i]

He didn’t move, he didn’t read on, all he did was cry, and cry those tears he did. They stained his prefect little pale cheeks, and slid down all the way to his chin. That stupid nurse was wrong. It was that bad, but then again no one but Kelsey’s family knew about her. “I’m sorry Kelsey,” he grabbed her hand, smearing blood onto her hand. Though he didn’t care at the moment, all he wanted was to hear her voice, and tell him he’s being a silly little boy. Just those words would calm him down, and make that smile reappear on his face. Yet he knew that wasn’t going to happen, and that she spent her last moments on earth with him yelling at her. He wish he could’ve taken it back, and told her he cared about her. “I’m going to miss you,” he gently pressed his lips against her hand. “Is anyone there?” He choked out with the tears flying over towards her face. No answer. “Guess not,” he sprayed more tears out of his eyes

He was going to miss her more than anyone in his life, because for once there was someone to actually comfort him, and no one could replace her.

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