Too Too Solid Flesh

January 19, 2010
By Promithes-KatArt BRONZE, Burlington, Other
Promithes-KatArt BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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I sat down waiting for the previews to start. I heard everything the girls in front of me who were talking about how hot the leading actor was, the man who was in the third row talking loudly on his cell phone, the stern tone of parents who were telling their children to sit down, the rude jokes of teenage boys down the row. A couple sat down as the previews started and the room quieted down to crunching popcorn and slurping drinks. As the screen flickered with life the man with the cell phone got a call and quickly turned it off. Then I heard it, the thing I had been waiting for, it was the movie and I was the actor on screen that said “that is the day that I died.” The movie continued for another hour and forty five minutes. I went not out of narcissism, not to see my flaws in acting, but to escape the throngs of people crowding around me constantly. My name is Geoff Raynor and I am an actor a lonely one that is. The movie finished and the credits started to roll. I walked out of the theatre hoping not be spotted, but to no avail. The girls screamed and I ran through the theatre entrance and around to the back of the theatre. I looked around and observed my surroundings. There was no one around. “Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt” I quoted.

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