That Stupid, Stupid Shirt

December 28, 2009
started the fight...let me explain. Liz and me were going to the state fair. We went every year. The spaceship ride was first.Last, the ferris wheel at night. This year, was diffrent my mom was working on the yard and I hade to take Jonathan, my little brother. Horrible, right? No. Hes not that bad, unless we give him sugar.Wouldn't you know it. Liz gave him cotton candy, the sugar spider web. We took him on the spaceship ride and the first sign happened. Jonathan climbed to the top of the gravity pulling ship and the seats stared to move. Up he went.Screaming in terror. After the ride, he was a bit nervous but we went on our way. Stupid us. We ignored all the signs. The cotton candy machine lighting fire by Jonathans face, Liz was there to pull him back. "thank you thank you thank you Liz!" I said about to cry.Then, some glasses went missing and they serched him.But the last, was terrifying. We went onto the big ferris wheel and Jonathan was too excited to ride to the top to see the sparkling lake. "Hurry guy!! pull the stupid lever faster!!" Jonathan said becoming anxious. he started rocking the cart. we heard a snap, a scream, silece, and people screaming. I opened my eyes noticing I was holding my breath. I looked around. What? Where still in the air. Liz.Me.Jonathan. We were all here. i looked down the cart below us must have been rocked and bolts got lose...

After we got down safely, we went to buy some shirts. Now not saying Liz was the fattest person ever, but she was 20 lbs. bigger than me. It was a miricle the shirt fit us both nicely. We bought it. The sales lady hesitated seeing the shirt and asked us "Dahlings are you sure? this shirt is...never mind paper or plastic?" we laughed, they never gave paper or plastic, we got these pillow cases with PENNSYLVAINA ROCKS THE STATES written all over it with little hearts and stars.We decided on a list of times and dates we would both wear the shirt. Blah blah blah.. boring parts... lets skip to the day of the fight. Not that i remember but it was april 23 2043. Three years ago. TO BE CONTINUED...MAYBE?

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Sushi3195 said...
Jan. 24, 2010 at 7:29 pm
That was really good. i liked it! :) keep up the good work!
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