Love And Death Inc.

January 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt close to deaths embrace? The warmth will cut through you until your bones begin to melt. Then you'll feel him squeeze as his coolness abounds and you'll begin to lose your soul as his emptiness surrounds. This tale I'm about to unfold upon you shall leave me forever broken and drained. Torn apart and confused I shall remain as I leave you in awe at the splendor of what you're about to behold.

Her beauty was flawless, her spirit magnanimous. Nothing more could I ask for. She fulfilled me in every way imaginable and caused my heart to become whole. As we lay still in the cool, moist grass below the moonlit sky, she admired the stars but I could not dare move my eyes away from her. Perfection was something I swore to be impossible until I laid my eyes upon her. The small, twinkling gleam presented by the sweat atop her creased brow as the moonlight struck her face stupendously captivated me. As we held each other close and felt our lingering heart beats converge into a singular, repetitive rhythm. I felt as though death could take me, and I would go willingly, gleefully even. However, it would soon become abundantly clear that this midnight stalker had other agendas for our blindly drifting souls.

Children we both were, yet we were fortunate enough to experience something many people quest their entire, yet brief dwelling on this planet to achieve. Love, some say once you discover it, never relinquish your stranglehold. Others will claim you must abolish your grasp to test the bonds and fetters it places upon your heart. On another front, I believe you must hold, yet not too tightly, onto that which blesses you with this euphoric emotion. For if you hold them too closely, they are bound to disappear without a trace, alas if you push them too far, they are prophesized to never return.

One frightfully crisp autumn morning, burdens were bore upon me that no mortal soul should have to endure. This day of destruction had begun under typical circumstances, the wind was howling, and she looked immaculate as the sun brilliantly burst through the dismally hindering curtains. I gazed upon her as she stirred quietly in her slumber and I couldn’t help but be indebted for everything I had been blessed with. As we both lay wide-eyed gazing at each other, I knew life would be worth the fight just to consider her mine. I loved her unconditionally, more then she could or would ever know. God himself should have been envious.

The fondest memory I have of her happens to be from that morning. As the sun filtered through and trickled upon her face, I couldn’t help but gaze in awe as her brown curls tufted softly on her eyebrow. The way her eyes sparkled intrigued every fiber of my soul. The quiet pout her lips made and the way her teeth complimented them perfectly when she smiled was purely astonishing. Her dimples made me joyous, and the way she wrinkled her nose as I stared only made me love her more. The contour her body made under the blanket as she shuddered and cringed towards me to escape the cold reminded me of perfection. The way her arm wrapped itself around me, and how I automatically hugged her curvaceousness made me smile beyond belief. In this precise instant, I knew she was to be mine forever, and I to be hers. The way her bosom felt against my chest, how her head caressed my shoulder so gently, her scent, the way my head fit perfectly resting on hers, and how she kissed me so gently, it all made me fall harder.

As we stumbled through our morning rituals, I could do nothing to impede the ludicrous growth of my feelings. While they already seemed ungodly powerful, I could feel them surging to grow even further. If the oceans exploded and the stars wept and collapsed from the sky, I’d be in a satisfactory manner as long as she remained steady by my side clinging to my hand. Au fait of my heart she was, and I could never express it quite eloquently enough to satisfy my own thirst. Never ending was the quest for the typical terms needed to disclose such tremendous capacity. For once, I had become inarticulate, dumbfounded if you will. Her eyes seemed to devour my soul as I ogled her minute, elegant frame.

This day of reckoning that had crept upon us well before our cynical minds could tolerate the realization of it all was fast upon us and the finality of it all was approaching rapidly. Twas destined to be a moment that marred my memory and haunted my nightmares for the remnant of my residence on this planet, and I could not sojourn it. What terrorizes me to an abundant extent is the comprehension of our own mortality. Youthful beings should never have to endure what either of us experienced that day. Alas, we both did, and I am the stronger for it.

We continued our onslaught of the morning hours in typical fashion, holding each other close and intently gazing upon a film. Something trivial, I presume, I paid it no mind, and I was engulfed by her. While the movie flickered past us on the screen, our lips convened and the magnitude of happiness felt at that moment overtook my being. No matter how many times this occasion occurred it always weaved the same results. I was left longing for more, weak-kneed and watery eyed, she simply returned to her normal routine as though no spectacular juncture had just happened. Often wondrous, I finally decided to appease my inquisitive nature by questioning her motives. She quickly dissolved my suspicions and lay to rest my doubts with three simply inauspicious words. I love you, such a simple yet provocatively powerful phrase. All I could utter in return was I have since I first laid my eyes upon you.

As this failed experiment came to a screeching halt, I felt complete. Finally a sense of wholeness had overtaken my being and I lay quietly holding her close, wanting for nothing more. Three wishes could be given to me and I’d return them all for she was everything I ever desired. Nirvana would soon turn to hell as a living nightmare was about to be presented to me, however. The day still seemed so young but so much progress had already taken place. We began to lust for each other once more, and this lust developed a hunger that yearned for fulfillment.

Once again we had resolved to be with each other. Physicality overtook the mental aspects as we nearly shredded each other’s clothing. Her perfectly sculpted lips caressed nearly every inch of my being as I was consummately overwhelmed with the aspiration to become a part of her for this brief undergoing. My whole being was bestowed upon her, as I hungered to satisfy her every whim. Vastly spanning several hours, this magnificent experience left us both depleted. Rest was necessary but as the darkness surrounded me, I couldn’t be less aware of how diminutive an amount of time we had left to share.

The sight of the setting sun seemed flawless as we awoke after our much needed slumber. Reenergized after draining ourselves entirely, we experienced a different type of hunger. Replenishment seemed utterly necessary. Whilst annihilating what one would consider food, our eyes met each others once again and we became immediately transfixed. This instant seemed to become an indubitable eternity.

As far as we knew, nothing short of catastrophic intervention would have kept us from each other. Deplorable as it may seem, that is precisely what transgressed. As we waltzed upon the midnight hour, towards the place she rightfully lay her head, approached us a vehicular inclusion that shall have encompassed this day into sheer insanity. Visibly inebriated, her father beseeched, nay demanded her ingress this metallic reaper of despondency. As much as she repudiated to subscribe to entering, I coerced her into bidding me adieu and appeasing his desires.

I shall never forget the fateful screeching and screaming beheld that evening. Skidding about and thrashing around the corner, the vehicular death trap now tumbled upon a furrow never to return. Clamberingly egressing from said situation, she was easily becloaked within my grasp. Sanguine fluid rushing about and dousing me, I held her close. Only to be faced with the mere mortal consequence of a seemingly endless stare shortly after the shallow muttering of: ''I love you, please be happy, for me.''

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