Hiding Place

January 3, 2010
By eye4beauty BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
eye4beauty BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The river’s mist hit me as I landed by the river bed. The rocks glistened and the water roared. I untied my Adidas and took off my mismatching socks so I could have my feet in the cold river water to cool down from my long run. The moment my feet hit the water, I felt a sensation of coolness rise up my legs. I shook it off. I took another step into the water. More shivers went up my legs. Then I took another step, then another, and another until I was emerged in a sea of water. I just stood there for a short time letting my body adjust to the freezing water. I finally let my body take a head dive. For a second I had the wind knocked out of me but I realized I was swimming and need to take a breath. I knew where I was headed. I had to swim a mile down river and then walk another 1,000 or so feet inland. I let myself take another head dive and swam. When I got to the broken, forgotten bridge, I got out of the river and shook of all the water that I could. I stared into the richly green forest and started my walk.
There was a slight breeze in the air that made my skin tingle. The scent of pine needles filled my nostrils. The sweet light glazed down on my skin and kept me from freezing to death. I was maneuvering though the over-grown deer path that I found last summer. Every summer I come out to my grandparent’s cabin to spend some time with them. I always find a new hiding place, but this hiding place was my favorite.
It had a small pond surrounded by a green forest. There was a small clearing that I have set up a reading place. I brought down a table with a fold up chair and a stash of candy bars that I might need some day. I also have a blanket for when I need that extra warmth and a towel to dry of with. I am in a process of building a platform on a tree so I can stay the night. It’s almost done. Just those last final touches will do it.
I sat down with a book and start to read. A small growl came from the dark forest. I look up. I saw nothing; I thought it was just my imagination. So I go back to my book. A couple minutes later I heard a lower, more serious growl, this time I know it’s not my imagination. I get up and look around. A wolf is staring right at me. Her pups are right behind her. I slowly get up as she follows me with her staggering eyes. I swiftly walked away from the chair to the other side of the clearing that she was on. She waited until I was far away from her and sat down on my chair watching her pups playing in the pond. This was her home. I took it away from them and set up camp. That would explain why all of the stuff I left over the year was destroyed.
I knew I was losing my secret place but it’s their home. I love animals and would never take away anything from them, so I left. When I was walking back down to the freezing river, I knew I was going to visit the wolves and bring them some food. I swam back to the cabin and grabbed some food. I quickly ran back to the river, making sure I didn’t get the food wet; I hesitantly slid back into the river and crossed.
This time I had to walk all the way there. The air brushed pass me with every step I took. I knew I was doing the right thing, giving up my hiding place to these wolves, but it was their home, not mine. I had no right to barge in and take it away. They had left when I got there. I left the food, but before I turned, I took my stash of candy bars. That was one thing I was not giving up.

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