Apple slices and Adoption

January 2, 2010
By StartlingThing GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
StartlingThing GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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I watched her as she bounced on the huge queen sized bed with her beautiful, chestnut hair that went crazy and curled when she was air born. "Lucy don't fall," I scolded lightly
"I'm not worried about falling big brother," she trilled in her little voice "your always there to catch me," I felt a little lump in my throat and tried to gulp it back down.
Is it aready that time? I silently thought, looking at my old watch that had been passed down form my father"Lucy its time for snack," I pointed out looking at the little doll that slumped in a tattered chair with frayed threads on the arms. It looks like a grandfather's arm hair, I thought making another lump rise to my throat.
"Catch me!" Lucy sang as I turned and watched her pale feet make contact with the mattress and she sprang with arms out streched. I smiled when I looked at her small face. It was beautiful just like our mother's was. Big brown eyes that looked wise, warm, and were always smiling, peach lips were full and perfect with the exception of a small scar baraly visable below the bottom lip. Her cheeks were a sea shell pink and flushed from all the jumping. I held out my own arms and her tiny little frame fell into them.
We made our way to the kitchen and I sat her at our little table next to the sliding doors. I knew they were on their way. I quickly grabbed a shiny red apple from the bottom drawr and a knife from the knife rack. I quickly and neatly cut up six slices off and put them on a plate. Next I pulled out our peanut butter from the cubbord and put a huge glob of it on the plate. "Here Luc," I served her, her snack and went back to clean up the mess. When everything was back and washed and put away, I leaned against the counter and let the cornner press into my back and I waited for the numbness to rush to my rescue. I glanced at Lucy from my perhephrial vision. I wiped my own blakc hair from my eyes and stared at her. "Lucy whats the matter the apple bad?" I walk over quickly and picked up the plate sniffing it.
"No," she said to the empty space in front of her. "Mum made that for me when ever I was leaving for a while," she whispered "Where am I going? What did I do wrong big brother," she said rasing her voice an octive and looked at me with a huge sorrow filling her happy eyes.
"Honey you havn't done anything bad," I set the plate on the counter and squatted my own eyes filling with tears. I lightly grabbed her chin and pulled it up to meet my eyes. "Sweetie look," I studdered trying to think of a way to explain "You have never done anything wrong and you never will. Some people are coming to pick you up. You can't be angry or scared of them," I said while hot tears brimmed and over flowed "You have to go with them," there was a harsh knock at the door and I pulled her into my arms again. I tried to remeber her when she was smiling. I set her on her feet and pulled her hair into a pony tail, put her arms through the coat sleeves, put the apples slices in a zip lock bag, and grabbed her up. I kissed her head and slowly strode to the door. There was another harsh knock and I could feel tears coming again. I pulled out a Hello Kitty bag out from the side of the couch and opened the door. A man in a black suit nodded and said a few words that I didn't hear over my sister whispering "I love you big brother, I love you and I know you love me," I felt her arms tighten and clutch the black t-shirt on my back. I pulled her arms from around my neck and heard her scream as another man took her away. It felt like the moments were making a slow motion moment. She was screaming and crying. Her hair was wild and flying around her face that was frozen with fear. I raced forward only to be grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground and I heard her scream "Dont hurt him! I'll go!" she screamed and I heard a car door slam and start. I heard foot steps hurry to their own cars and they were gone. I didn't move. Mother killed, Father died, No family.
I looked out of a black car and watched my brother disapear for I don't know how long. I kissed the back window and cried the whole way to the kids shelter to be adopted.

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