Noah's Side part 1

December 29, 2009
I don’t think I would be able to let anyone else on my little secret. I hate people looking at me with sympathy behind their eyes. I’m old enough to handle things on my own, I don’t need their sympathy.

So the day basically started out like any other day. I showered then dressed. I saw my reflection in the mirror, and pushed my sleeves down to hide my scars. I was trying to quit, but it felt so good to feel the pain, to know I was real. I loved seeing the razor sink into my skin following with a sharp pain. My hair just about covered my eyes, but I didn’t need sight to feel what I felt. As I walked downstairs I heard my step-dad call out to me. It was full of swears, but as usual I just walked past him. I defiantly didn’t need him either.

“Noah!” my mom yelled for me. I walked slowly, no need to run she didn’t really need me, only wanted to tell me how awful I was.

“Yes,” I answered as I reached her room.

“I just wanted to let you know, me and Brian are going somewhere for a few days, and we’ll be back soon.,” she said as she was kneeling on the floor shoving things in a suit case.

“Alright,” I answered bitterly and started walking away.

“I wasn’t finished,” she called out again “Just remember nothing reckless, okay?” ‘What did she care, she just didn’t want to be filed for murder, or child abuse.’

“Okay Mom,” I mumbled, walking away, and reached for the phone. I dialed Nico’s number. “Hey, uhm do you think you can call Charlie, Zeke, and Chase to meet us downtown? Sweet. Thanks,” I hung up and walked out the door. The cool air rushed against my face and ruffled my hair. I smiled inside, maybe today will be different.

As I arrived at our spot, my hands stuffed in my pockets, I smiled at my friends. I didn’t have a lot of friends, I pushed the others away, but theses guys had to be the best. Charlie was all smiles I could depend on him for pretty much anything, such as keeping my secrets, secrets. Chase was my closest friend, because we had been friends since we were kids, and I could always be real with him. Zeke was cool. Nico, well Nico was Nico.

“Hey guys,” I grinned at them.

“Hey man!,” Nico ran to and squeezed me. He pushed his hair out of his eyes, “We were staring to worry about you, we kind of missed having you around,” he said as he pulled away grinning.

“Yeah.” Chase laughed “We couldn’t talk about girls without you.”

“Sure you could have, it’s not like I help with the ‘no girlfriend thing‘, well except for Nico” I told them. He blushed. Nico was crazy about his girl, and I didn’t blame him, she was gorgeous.

“Come on man, girls love you,” Zeke remarked. His eyes were dancing, trying to hold back laughter.

“Alright, uhm I guess we could have just went to my place, my mom and Brian are going out of town,” I told them, trying to change the subject

“Grr,” Charlie rumbled “I’m hungry,” he said has he rubbed his stomach.

“Ha-ha dude, stop it,” I told him as I smacked the back of his head.

to be continued..

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