December 16, 2009
Final Draft #4: Ghost Story. (SEMASTER FINAL VERSION)
I walked in the room, and the light and pink wall was much brighter than the rest of the building. On the walls where motivate posters like “be positive” and “Hang in there”. In the middle was a circle of about 9 chairs, but only 4 where filled, one adult and 3 teens. I took a seat next to a girl how had on a light blue dress and the much older looking lady, who must of been the teacher. “You must be Logan Goldman, and why are you in Rockhill Insane Asylum?” I was not crazy, I’m not nuts, and I don’t really know why I’m here.

“I don’t have a problem!” I yelled. Everyone called me golden Logan due to my bright blond hair. The teacher had a tag saying “Misty Edwards” and told me, “It says you have been having illusions and seeing things”. “What! No, I thought I saw something and throw a basketball at it and accidently broke my mom’s nose”. She took a deep breath and then was back on track. “We’ll get back to you” she said and then when around the circle to talk to the other members. Next was the girl who look like she just came from prom, with that blue dress and the top half of her back showing and her blond hair and glasses, I’ll admit she wasn’t bad looking. Her name was Tiffany Tunner. She was there because she would find a boyfriend, but then become madly obsessed with him, like stalking him and not letting any other girls talk to him. The last straw was when she saw her last boyfriend kissing another woman and ran after her with a knife. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Before Misty got to the next member, a red head kid looked much older than the rest of us bolted to the door only to find it locked. “Well, because you’re in a hurry, tell us your story,” She said with a smile. The red head was named Jerry Rodes. He had anger issues and was paranoid. After that outburst, Misty went back to the group as Jerry sate back down. The last of the grope was seating as far away from the others as much as possible but still staying in the circle. Her name was Suzy Vanderson. I couldn’t tell if she was a guy or girl, due to her hooey covering her face. Once Suzy started talking, it easy to tell it was another girl. She clams she’s a vampire and needs to cover up from the light.

After everyone was done, we were all transported out to our rooms, Me and Tiffany went to the left, Suzy and Jerry went to the right. I could hear Jerry trying to make another run for it, and I would have tried the same, but with 3 cops escorting us, there was no way. The hallway was pale white and at the end of the hall where 2 doors side by side facing to each other. Tiffany went to the left room, I went to the right. When I turn to close the door, I saw Tiffany give me a wink and closed her door. The room wasn’t exactly like the crazy rooms you see in cartoons of movies. There was a bed and a toilet, like a jail cell. There was a small window on the wall outside and looked out at the large grass field. I’d do anything for freedom. I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, so I lay on the bed, and crashed for awhile.

I had a dream that I was running in the field but I was not alone. I was running from something, there where cops after me, but something much more awful were on my tail. The harder I ran, the faster that mysteries thing came, and when it got me, I got up sweating. I looked outside, and the sun was starting to set. A buzzing sound when off and that made me jump and then I fell to the floor. It was dinner time and we were taken from our rooms. When I got out, Tiffany now had on a pair of leather pants and a plain white t shirt. Where on earth does she get these outfits? The lunch room had just two tables. There where ham sandwiches on the tables. I took a seat and Tiffany took a seat next to me. “What are you doing,” she said as she was staring at me. Then a girl with black long hair and a gothic tattoo on her cheek took a set from the other side of me. I didn’t know who it was until I came to the conclusions that it had to be Suzy. Just then, Tiffany left the room without eating her sandwich. “So did you hear that that Jerry almost got out?” I did not hear that, but he came in the lunch room right after Suzy had said her line He looked rather annoyed. After that, everyone that was in the room had eat there sandwich with silence and went back to their rooms.

That night, I looked at the ceiling. It was just a sliver sheet of metal and looked at my reflection. Then I saw something else. It looked like another person. He looked like someone from the 20s with an old brown hat and vest. I jumped out of bed and looked again, and it was gone. It was that same thing I saw when I hit my mom, which got me here in the first place, that ghost. I tried to sleep and had listened to Tiffany’s voice singing. She may have been strange in her clothing, but she had great voice, and it help me sleep.

I had another dream. It was in a pitch black room. I could see nothing, but fell like there’s something missing. I light shined in front of me that ghost was there, but I was not running from it anymore. He was showing me a way out of the darkness. I looked behind me and saw Suzy, Jerry and Tiffany standing there. Then Suzy stated to fade away; Jerry turned and walked away, And Tiffany was crying. That’s when I asked myself, “Does she like me?” Then, I remembering why she’s at the Asylum, I was in trouble. I begin to run to that room of light. When I passed the ghost, he had a smile, and then I found myself in another dark room. It was then, I was awake

When it was lunch again, I walked down the hall with Tiffany. We got about half way and she started to hold my hand. One side of me said “She’s sooo in to you. This is a chance of a lifetime” as the other side said “You’re in the spiders web, get out!” I chose to keep holding her hand and play along until we got to the lunch room. There I saw Suzy with a black eye and no Jerry. “What happened”? I told her. “Oh Jerry punched me and is now going somewhere else.” She seemed happy about it then she was scraping her teeth with her Goth black finger nail. I bet she tried to suck Jerry’s blood and the rest was history. “You’re going to have more then a black eye if you keep talking to my Logan” Tiffany said from out of no where. The she put herself in front of me holding her arms out like a basketball player guarding the opposing team. Tiffany thinks me and Suzy have something going. I don’t like Tiffany like that, but what am I going to do, tell her? She’ll kill me.

I ran to my room and closed the door, I was freaking out. I wanted out; I did not want to be the bullets in this Suzy Tiffany war. Then something was fading in by the toilet. It was blue and was getting whiter. Then I knew what it was. “It’s the ghost from my dream” I told myself. Was I going insane, if so, then maybe I do need to be at Rockhill? The ghost garbed me and I closed my eyes, refusing to believe it. When I opened, I was outside. He showed me the field and told me to go on with his arm movement. Then the alarms started up. I started to run as fast as I could. I got about a half mile in until I found a a highway. Hitchhiking was to only way left. I stood there for a moment and begin to think to myself. “If I’m seeing ghost, then I am going crazy, and I do need to be hear”. But then I said “here’s your shot at freedom, take it” This ghost was nothing but trouble and he had to go. As cops where finally caching up, I got on my knees and gave up.

I was back in my room and did not realize that it was already 9:30 PM. I was tired and went to bed. “We’ll talk about your punishment in the morning”, the cop had told me. I herd Tiffany’s singing again; it was a much sadder song. Then the next one became more uplifting. The songs she was singing was my ticket to sleep once more.

I had one more dream. I was in that pitch black room again. But this time something else happened. Tiffany was by the ray of light, the ghost near the darkness. I didn’t take long to choose. I ran to the light and Tiffany fallowed. I was then at a flower garden that had to be endless. The ghost was gone, and Tiffany was by my side happy as could be. Tomorrow, I’ll tell Tiffany about my feelings and see if we can really have a connection. Could I be crazy in love?

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