Cut Is More Than A Three Letter Word(Chapter Two)

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I throw the paper away and sit down on my bed. I turn on the TV to see if anything good is on. There’s not much. Settling on MTV, I find an okay show. I glance at my bedroom clock as the show dwindles down. It’s quarter past seven. I grab my car keys off my dresser and walk downstairs. My mother is nowhere in sight.
“I’m going out for dinner!” I call out.
No reply.
I leave the house quietly; afraid she’ll appear by the door and smack me again, insisting I didn’t tell her where I was going. As I get into my black punch buggy convertible I smile. Freedom was sweet.
I started the car and backed out of the driveway. I drive to the mall; sure I can find something to eat there. As I enter the food court, I notice some of my friends from school. I quickly zip up my jacket and throw the hood up. I push my hair behind my ears, so it’s almost completely hidden. They laugh and talk as they leave the food court.
I pull down my hood. Why didn’t they invite me? Oh, yeah, because I lied and told them I had to finish my literacy project. I walk over to Saladworks and get a Caesar salad. I sit down and start to eat when I notice a familiar looking woman buying Chinese food. She turns, leaving with her food to go sit down with a man.
As she starts to eat and he talks, I realize who she is. That’s my mother! I couldn’t believe she was dating that man! My dad died three years ago. Who knows how long she’s been dating? I stand up quickly, no longer hungry. I throw out my food and leave the mall.

I start my car quickly and speed out of the parking lot. I pull into my driveway and get out of my small car. I don’t feel like going inside so I decide to walk to the mini mart a few blocks away just to give me something to do. I walk down the sidewalk, stepping on every crack I see just to amuse myself.
The infamous pops back into my head. I ignore it, but then my mind starts thinking. No more lies. No more cuts. No more tears. No more speeches. No more anything.
With these thoughts running through my head, I walk out into the middle of the street. As I see headlights coming quickly, the driver talking on her cell phone, I close my eyes.
I feel the impact of her car, sending me across the road and into the nearby woods. I try to stop myself, but I roll downhill. I scream out in alarm, just wanting it all to stop. I thrash my arms out and about, but they just get cut. I continue to scream, tears now running down my cheeks.
I’m not sure how long or far I fell. I just remember speeding along and suddenly smacking my head on something. As my body slowed and stopped, I reached my hand up to my head. Blood covered my hand completely. I shrieked, trying to stand up. Then all light was gone and it took my breath with it.

The author's comments:
This is chapter two. Enjoy!

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