What Have I Done?

October 23, 2009
By alyssah72 BRONZE, Roanoke, Texas
alyssah72 BRONZE, Roanoke, Texas
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I smiled watching the flames, orange and red quickly consume the high school. I bet it burned so well because of its dryness. Both physically and what it stood for. Meant to be a pure place of learning, for bettering the minds of adolescents. Sure it had good intentions but this is not what was going on. This school sheltered uncaring, naïve, dry minds. Callous individuals, pain and everything possible to taint any hint of goodness. I couldn’t let it continue. I had to teach a lesson.

I shifted m hands uncomfortable in the handcuffs that currently restrained me. I hardly noticed when the cop shoved me into the back seat; I was too pleased with myself. Suddenly I heard the most beautiful sound from above the roaring flames. A top the school marquee that continued to flash date, Tuesday, October 2, 2008, sat the most bizarre bird. It’s shape shifted continuously my eyes watering in their attempt to focus on it. It’s song sounded like an eerie but almost angelic chorus of a thousand singers. The sight was marvelous. So entranced I nearly missed seeing the wrench clutched in its ever changing beak.

“What was a bird doing with a wrench?”, I wondered. I felt the most powerful urge to touch it. Too bad I was cuffed and licked in the back seat of a car. The scene reminded me of Odysseus passing by the sirens. How they too called to him and he had his mates restrain him to resist their song. Suddenly it clicked. I had learned that in school. What had I done? Realization swept over me and I felt tears of regret well behind my eyes. Almost as if this was what the bird had been waiting for, it took of on queue and began to fly around the flames. Once it circled then to the car. I watched in a daze, the tears now streaming down my face.

Then as if the car were not even there, the bird dropped the wrench and it fell right through the ceiling onto the seat beside me.

I must fix what I have broken.

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