The Move

December 19, 2009
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“Time to wake up, Kels! First day at a new school!”

She rose out of bed slowly, not recognizing her surroundings. As reality hit, she sunk her face back into her pillow. She had dreamed that she was back home with her friends.

“I’m up,” she said as she got up to get in the shower.

The new house was nice. She had her own bathroom for the first time. Her room was just what her dream room would be. Blue walls, big queen bed with a fluffy comforter and tons of pillows, window seat, but she didn’t want it anymore if it meant she had to live here.

Two weeks ago her dad got an offer from a company in Grove, Oklahoma. She didn’t think he would take it. He knew how much she loved it in Edmond. She didn’t know how little they cared. That night he had sat her down and told her that they were moving. He said that it was ‘easier hours’ and ‘better pay’.

“I don’t hear that shower running, Kelsee Graham!” her dad yelled up the stairs.

“Working on it!” she yelled back.

After the shower, she got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. She made a point to look miserable for her parents. She wanted to make them feel as bad as possible. They didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh hunny, wear the green tie. That silly one will make a horrible first impression.” her mom said to her dad.

“I’ve already been hired Janet. I don’t think they’re going to send me packin’ because of my tie. Besides, you know this is my favorite,” he replied.

Her mom laughed, “Yes, I suppose it’s alright for you to wear the tie.” Then turning to Kelsee she said, “Are you excited about today? New school, new adventures!”

“Thrilled,” she replied in a sarcastic tone. Her mom didn’t seem to catch it.

“Good good. Well I’ve filled out all the papers and put them in your bag. Just remember to take them to the office when you get there.”

“Alright, mom. I know,” she said, getting annoyed.

“Hurry up, now. Eat your breakfast. You need to be there early so they can get you situated.”

“You know, I’m not hungry. Bye,” she said as she got up to leave.

“They don’t even care,” she thought as she walked to her car, “They can just take me away from everything I’ve ever known and then sit there and discuss ties. Ridiculous.”

Walking through the school doors, heart a’ flutter, she was sure this would be the worst day of her life. Whose parents would force their sixteen year old daughter to move in the middle of her sophomore year? Sure, her dad had a job that paid more, but that didn’t seem like a good enough reason. They were doing just fine before.

“I don’t even care about money, I just want my friends back,” she thought.
She pulled out the paperwork she was supposed to take to the principal as she walked into the office.

“Hello, my name is Kelsee Graham. I was told I was to bring my transfer papers in here,” she said with a smile to the secretary.

The secretary, Mrs. Hawkins, looked up and smiled, “Well, how nice. Yes, I’ll just take these and we’ll get you all set up. I have a feeling you’re going to love it here in Grove, Kelsee.”

“Unlikely,” Kelsee muttered under her breath, too quiet for Mrs. Hawkins to hear.

After much trouble with her schedule, she was headed to her first period class. Late on her first day. Just great.

“Room F29, Mr. Jamison, Chemistry. Room F29, where are you?” she said to herself.

Coming upon the door she was nervous again. She had the sudden urge to run, but knew that she couldn’t. The class had already started so she knew that when she walked in everyone would be staring. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

“Now who can tell me the difference between a compound and an-” Mr. Jamison stopped mid-sentence and looked up at Kelsee.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Uh.. I’m.. Uh.. I’m Kelsee.. Graham. I’m a new student here. And, well here,” She handed him the slip that Mrs. Hawkins had told her to give to Mr. Jamison.

“Ah, Kelsee, so nice to have you. If you will please go get a text book off of the book shelf by the window and go find an empty desk.”

As she walked to the book shelf she felt the eyes following her. Some of the girls smirked at her, some even laughed. Everybody else just stared, as if waiting for her to do something interesting. She took a seat, and stared at her desk as tears filled her eyes.

“Page 176, Miss. Graham,” Mr. Jamison said.
As she turned the pages, the tears dropped. The other students slowly turned away from her, losing interest. She was alone.

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