December 2, 2009
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The cold wind felt like a thousand thorns against my wet face. I grabbed my pink towel and headed for the stinky women’s changing room. I attempted to take of the Speedo bathing that was stuck to my pale skin. Swimming was my passion but, I never seemed to tan. There was vibrating in my pocket. I reached in and took out my old, crappy Razor. Gently I flipped open the hand me down phone. My annoying younger sister was blabbing about one of her past boy friends.

Minutes, which felt like hours, later she finally heard me. “You have to walk home,” she said yelled, “She is taking me to the mall.” I shut my phone not caring about what she said. It wasn’t surprising that I was thought about last in the family. My sister has my unaware mother wrapped around her tan finger. I never liked shopping, nail polish, or dresses. Once my extremely girly sister came along my mom ignored me and went shopping with Sarah.

I ran outside to see if my swim mates were still here. Opening the door I didn’t notice that there was a figure on the other side. I swung the door open and hit the innocent figure standing there. He turned around and gave me the stink eye. It was hilarious but, not at the time. My best friend, Lucy, was getting into her mom’s van. Quickly I ran over and attempted to hitch a ride home.

I stepped over her brother and thanked her mom. Know I might get some disease because I was swimming in freezing weather. She dropped me off in front of my house. Lucy walked up with me, as usual. I opened the front door and the lights were off. Usually mom remembers to leave them on for me. Reaching for the switch bursts of surprise came tumbling at me. My jaw hung open minutes after they finished. It was a surprise birthday for me. My birthday was in 3 months.

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