Senior Years

December 1, 2009
"Um...hold on, I know this." She muttered as she surveyed my face. "It's Sara." I thought. "We used to be best friends, before you went with them. Before all the designer clothes, the make up. Before you left me." I sighed. "It's Sara," I said reluctantly, but with a smile. "Thanks, I'm horrible with names. Okay, so...I'm not very good at science. You're gonna need to help me." I looked into her eyes for a second, then turned away. She didn't remember.

Senior year. We were best friends in seventh grade, but when high school came, that all changed. She went with the girls we used to make fun of, yet secretly envied. She ignored me for their acceptance. Meanwhile, I waited for her to come back. "Maybe it was a mistake," I thought. "Maybe she'll come back, and things will be normal again."

She did come back though. In ninth grade, when he dumped her for her new 'best friend'. I knew he had been cheating, but she didn't have a clue. She came back, tears on her cheeks, mascara running the length of her face. I couldn't just ignore her, as she had done to me. So she talked, talked about her pain. Not mentioning once the fact that we hadn't talked in months.

I used to be able to tell her everything. She watched me cry, but she had always been the strong one. She knew what to say to make me laugh, and then she left. And now here she is, crying to me. When she was done, she just went back to her other life. Never admitting that she had broke down to me to her 'friends'. She just lived life. While mine seemed broken.

But here we are, science class. Paired as partners. I smile, a fake one I've gotten good at over the years, and said "Don't worry, I can handle it."

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