the end chapter 1 cont.

December 10, 2009
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“As soon as we open this door we got to run okay”, I told the group.

I flung the door open and we sprinted through the door, but there was no need to sprint. The hail had stopped. The group stopped to look around.

There were ice clumps everywhere. Cars were turned over and some were on fire. Buildings had been destroyed. People were lying in the street. A cold wet substance hit my face, then another and another. I wiped my face. It was water. What the President had said went through my mind.

Extremely violent thunderstorms in China.

“We gotta go”, I said starting to run.

The group followed.

Crack, crack, boom!

The first lightning bolt hit the street about a mile ahead hitting an electric pole. We moved around cars that were left alone. Another lightning bolt hit about fifty feet away scaring everyone in the group. Another bolt of lightning hit an electric pole sending a wire loose. One of the women in the group stepped in a puddle where the wire landed. The lady was shocked to death. Another woman screamed and paused.

“No, don’t stop”, I yelled at her over the raging thunder and rain.

I saw the flash then the woman flew up in the air and landed on a car. We ran nearing the subway. We reached it. We ran down the stairs finally being dry.

We were soaked. It was remarkable we were able to run as fast as we did. I took off my blazer throwing it on the ground.

“Sean?”, a voice yelled from the other end of the subway.

I turned around knowing whose voice that was immediately.

“Austin?”, I yelled as I ran.

My brother and I met. He started to cry when we hugged.

“Are you okay?”, I asked.

“I’m fine, a few cuts and bruises, but that’s it”, He answered.

“Where is Mom and Dad?”

He looked down and started to cry. The truth finally hit me as I looked down and started to tear.

“What happened to them”, I asked behind tears.

“We um……we were in a car accident. A piece of hail hit the front of the car and the car flipped through the air landing upside down. I was in the backseat and was buckled in and that’s how I got the cuts and bruises, but mom and dad…..they were in bad shape.”

I looked away trying not to cry again.

“I went”, he continued, “to go get them because they hadn’t moved and um they had died.”

“I’m sorry you had to be there and went through that”, I said sadly.

“Well I’m glad you’re okay”, My brother said.

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re okay too”, I said cheerfully.

I turned around and walked slowly to the group I had been with who were sitting against the wall.

“Who is that?”, Roger asked.

“He’s my brother”, I answered.

“Oh. You look sad.”

“I just got news about my parents.”

“Well that’s a good thing.”

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Well why?”, he pauses then knows why, “Oh. I’m sorry kid.”

“It’s…‘s okay.”

“Alright. So what are we going to do now? Wait it out?”

“That’s my idea.”

I turned around to go back to my brother, but he was staring at the stairway where I had came. I turned around. I saw a waterfall of water pouring over the stairs. The group did to. They looked up at me wondering what we were going to do.

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