62 Days (Final Part--4)

December 10, 2009
By CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
CrimsonMortality SILVER, LaVergne, Tennessee
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I woke up. It was in the morning. My walls were a maroonish color. I had several dressers on opposite side each other against the walls. I had a shelf that was filled with books and games. My TV rested on one side of the room atop of a dresser. I paid no heed to any of that, though. I walked down stairs and towards the kitchen. I saw my mother. She was looking at a picture. I didn't know who it was so I walked over to her and questioned it.

"Who is that?" She didn't speak for a while. Her dull eyes seemed lifeless. Was she like this every night? No.. She always had this distant look in her when ever I left the house. I pressed on. "Well?" She looked at me.

"Your father..." I didn't move. Sweat instantly rolled down my cheeks. I had never even thought of who my father had been. My mother told me, when I was little, that he had just left. Why was she looking at his picture now? I looked at her. "Why're you bothering with that picture? He's gone. He ran away like a coward." Again, it took her a while to responde.

"He didn't run.. he died." My eyes widened.

"How?" I questioned.

"Drug abuse." So that's how it was.. He was a coward. I growled under my breath. "So that's how it is.. he did run. He couldn't stand the fact that his own family didn't have enough money to support each other. So he shot up some herione so he could think about nothing else but himself.. He's a fool.." She shook her head. She knew fully well what I was saying was, no is, the truth.

I turned my back to her. Shadows overcame the shades of my eyes. With heavy steps, I returned to my room to finish my night's rest.

I woke up in the morning. I got dressed and went to school. My heart was pounding due to the tension that came from my friend when ever he looked at me. I chose to ignore him. I didn't want to draw any attention.

It wasn't until the next period that things had started to get serious. Notes were passed to me--most insults. A few were empty threats. I dismissed each note. I was one with patience when I wanted to be. This was one of the cases that I had to keep my patience. I couldn't allow myself to snap. I wouldn't. The bell rang for class and I packed my bag with my books and headed to the bathroom.

Once I had reached the bathroom I dropped my bag and headed for a stall. I was grabbed by the collar of my shirt and shoved into the wall. It all happened so fast that I barely had enough time to recognize what my friend had said. "Why the hell do you ignore me!?" I looked down at him. He was picking me up by the collar of my shirt. My feet didn't touch the ground. My body was totally numb, even when spit came to my face on accident when he yelled. I only gave two sentences as my response.

"Because we no longer have a tie between us. You mean nothing to me now." He dropped me and I picked up my bag. I was numb to my own emotions. He gave one sentence as a response that almost shook me, but I didn't let it...

"You're a monster..."

I stopped. That was when I almost let him know it shook me. My bangs covered my eyes. I only gave one response. "I know." With those words I walked off to resume my day in class.

It had taken a total of four hours for school to end. By that time I had been picked up by mother to go home.

Things were obviously getting worse and worse. It was angering me--no doubt. Eventually the phone range. I answered, obviously, and gave a sarcastic reply. I didn't know who it was, so I felt pretty stupid after the person on the other end gave a reply. "This is the doctor's office. We request that you come--" I hung up and laid my head on the pillow. I already knew what was going to happen. I'm so disgusting....

A week later.

I laid a blood-red rose on the end of the coffin. I looked down at the corpse with a face of no emotion. My jaw was locked and everything was quiet. I was dressed casually, much to the distaste of others. Music played from the organs. It was another Christian funeral.. I still hated the intoxicating scent of it.

There was a red carpet and several benches stood parallel to each other. Several stone sculptures, dedicated to the 'grace of God', stood beside each other. Glass paintings stood in as windows. It gave the light of the sun an odd shape and form. There was a very small amount of people in the room. The coffin was laid on a table-like structure. And so after recognizing the area.. I thought.

You know, my friend was right about what he had said earlier. I leaned over to the face of the girl and let my lips touch her's gently. With this kiss, I would be considered a necrophiliac.. and so.. I would become, no be, a monster....

The author's comments:
The final part that goes along with one, two, and three.

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