love me hate me

December 10, 2009
By , marshfield, MA
Chapter 1


"Go, get away from here" my mom says as she literally pushes me out the door. "Climb and hide in the tree stay there till you see everybody leave. Go, now!"

I run but I don't seem to get any closer to the forest and the tree that my mom would always make me climb. I never understood why till now. She was planning for this to happen. Why mom. Why couldn’t you have told me this sooner so I could plan also? Buff, my Mastiff shadows me as I run to the tree line twenty five yards or so away from my house.

I get to the tree; it is easy to climb if you know how. You have to put your foot in a certain place to be able get to the first branch. I get high enough up to be hidden from the ground below but still be able to see to the house and get down easy. I turn away because I see them destroying my house. I wait and wait till I look over my shoulder to see my house is in flames with my mom falling to the ground and there are still people there. I'm so cold my skin is pale. I can't even keep my eyes open. I'm cold so, so cold and tired. The smoke is getting to me but I can't cough. They will hear me. They are right under me now but I'm so tired I just need to close my eyes for a minuet. Bang. A gun shot.


I wake up cold and on the ground confused and scared. My neck hurts and my shoulder is all bloody. It is now night out. The moon is a crescent and bright so bright you can see your way easily through the snow. And there is someone coming towards me but I can't move. My arms and legs aren’t responding to my commands. I'm too tired and in to much pain. I close my eyes again. I can still hear him running towards me but I can’t do anything about that. I'm going to die here and now. At least I will die in the soft snow that continues to fall on me and comforts me and with Buff laying next me keeping me warm with his fur and his steady heart beat making me to tire that I just have to sleep.

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