Once A Puoppy Forever A Friend.

December 10, 2009
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I was so happy so excited. I was getting my first dog. Well, the first dog I can remeber. I dont exectly recall the carride, but I do remeber it seemed like five minutes. Though when I got older I found out it was a two and a half hour drive from Northern Ohio to the Middle of Ohio.

I got my dog Twister when I was about four. He was the cutest Golden Retriever puppy I had ever seen. He was supposed to be a hospital dog. The kind of dog that visits sick and/or dieing people that are in a hospital. Or he was supposed to be a "blind do." The kind of dog that helps people who are blind. But he couldnt be either of those because, for one, he was scared of loud noises. Noises like thunder, fireworks, and even when people would clap would scare him. I found it funny so Id always clap just to freak him out when I was younger. Another reason he couldnt be a hospital dog or a "blind dog" was because he was way too hyper. He ran around the house everywhere, all the time.

Sometimes I wish he could have been a hospital dog. Mainly because kids would have loved him. He is such a people-dog. For example, when we used to take him to the dog park he would always go toward the owners of the other dogs, and not the dogs. It was acctully quite funny. Because other dogs would go toward him, but he perferd to stay by the people. He would give them "kisses" by licking them and he was always so hyper and happy. Thus, proving that, if a kid liked hyper and happy dogs, they would love Twister.

Now as I said before Twister was scared of loud noises. But for some reason he liked to go toward them, or at least closer to them. That is a fact. A fact that brings back one paticular memory.

It was the Forth Of July, we were just getting home from the very loud fireworks. As soon as my mom opens the door, Twister sprints right out. As he ran across the street I yelled "Twister!!" and started crying. Twister ran outside the front door a lot when he shouldn't have, and I was always so scared Id never see him again that I'd cry. Though this time it was dark outside. There was a black car, no light, not even headlights on. And as I ran across the street after Twister, I hear the car come to a very quick stop. I almost got hit! My heart was racing, beating so hard and fast, I was so scared. I vaguely remeber what the driver said, though I do remeber it was not nice.

There is many other times I could've gotten hurt, maybe even killed trying to get Twister. And I dont understand why he went toward the loud noises, but I guess Ill never know.

Then the day came when me and Twister had to go our seperate ways, I was about nine years old. My mom, my sister, and I were moving. I was devistated! I wanted to cry. I had to give Twister away, my best friend in the whole world. Though I didnt acctully move till' I was ten, we gave Twister away sometime while I was nine. We gave him away to our neighbors friend. Sometimes I still cry because I miss him.

I always thought id see Twister again, sadly I never did. Soon after we gave him away he got put to sleep because he had gotten a stomach tumor. No one even told me! So when I found out I was so sad. I couldnt even breathe. I felt as if someone ripped out my heart. Also I was mad no one told me. One day I asked my mom "Hey, hows Twister doin?"

Then she replied "Emmy, Im sorry, Twister was, put to sleep"

"No, why!" I excalamed

"He had gotten a stomach tumor a few months ago..."

All I did was sit there, jaw dropped, in shock. All I did was think. I was so sad. To this day I think its my fault because I used to always feed him chocolate. But I guess Ill never know.

From all this I have learned a few things. I learned that ones you love will someday be gone. But I believe someday you will reunite. I also learned that I not only lost a friend, or a dog. No, I lost a best friend. </3

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