'It's a Jungle'

November 24, 2009
People say that “it’s a jungle out there”. I’d say so! Waiting in line at a Clinique counter to scrutinize the new products or advocating the newest pair of Coach heels can be a very dangerous mission - especially when housewives are wildly flinging their belongings to the nearest sales representative. The term ‘village’ can be used in either the sense of being in a remote land with bare trees, or a community of thousands in a hustling city. My ‘village’ is the city, and although escaping to a forsaken island sounds fun, the concept doesn’t suit me. Influences run wild in the city, whether it is an astute businessman, or the woman behind me vexatiously biting her nails.
My influences were my grandmother, my brother, and both of my parents. My amicable grandmother taught me to maintain patience throughout situations, and I admit that she successfully taught me. Holding myself back from storming through the crowded line takes effort, certainly when there’s a young woman arguing with an unfortunate cashier. My brother withdrew his amicability (also taught by grandma), and taught me that there are individuals who concentrate on nefarious acts. His level-minded attitude kept him out of trouble, and his ineffectual matter-of-fact mind kept him a humorous sibling. My mother and father are hard-working and consistently determined on their goals, known to stay active through situations. I, however, am loathed to become someone whom I already acknowledge as a relative.
I would much rather focus on the product in my hands, and the young woman still arguing with the saleswoman. I can’t figure if she’s trying to solicit a competitor product, or if she’s just causing a disturbance.

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