The 3 Musketters

November 23, 2009
By LeeBay09 BRONZE, Jamica Plain, Massachusetts
LeeBay09 BRONZE, Jamica Plain, Massachusetts
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Jenny: 15 years old, “5,5”, nice and funny, and has long brown hair and brown eyes.
Erik: 16 years old, “5,6”, funny, good person, and has short black hair.
Veronica: 15 years old, “5,6”, stuck up, dramatic, brown long hair and brown eyes.
Mom: 23 years old, “5,2”, nice, romantic, sweet, and has long black hair and black eyes.
Dad: 37 years old, “5,7”, quite, has brown hair and hazel eyes.
Julia: Veronica’s mother, 35 years old, “5,4”, brown hair and brown eyes.

Scene 1

(Lights come up on Jenny as she is walking to Erik’s house to chill with him.)

Jenny: Hi Erik.

Erik: Hi Jenny. So how’s it going? It’s really hot today. We should go to the beach.

Jenny: Good. We should, but let’s go and get Veronica.

Erik: Why she’s so dramatic

Jenny: I know but she’s our friend.

Erik: Fine lets go get her, but only because she’s our friend.

(Erik goes inside his house just for a moment to get his shorts, sun scream, and a towel for the beach.)

Erik: Mama can I go to the beach with my friends?

Mom: Ok just ask your papa ok.

Erik: Ok

Erik: Hi papa, can I go to the beach with my friends?

Dad: Ok M’ijo, but don’t come late. Please.

Erik grabs his bags and runs out side to get Jenny so they can leave. They walked to Veronica’s house and they ring the doorbell.

Scene 2

(Veronicas Mother answers the door)

Julia: Yes. Can I help you?

Erik: Is Veronica here?

Julia: (Yelling) Veronica gets your butt down here. Your friends are here to get you.

(Veronica runs down the stairs and runs to the door)

Veronica: Hey you guys. Why are yah in my house?

Jenny: Well we just wanted to ask you something. Do you want to go to the beach with Erik and me because it’s really hot today?

Veronica: Ok just give me 2 minutes so that I can get my stuff and I have to ask my mother.

Jenny: Ok

Erik: Hurry up. We don’t have all day.

(Veronica runs upstairs to get her towel, bikini, shorts, and extra cloths).

Veronica: Ok let’s go.

(They are walking to the bus stop. Took the bus number 32 to Roxbury and stopped across the street from Roxbury Community Pool).

Erik: Dam. Its mad crowded her today.

Veronica: Duh. It’s like 110 degrees today.

(Jenny, Erik, and Veronica took off their cloths and put on their bathing suits. They jumped inside the pool).

Erik: We?????

(3 hours passed. They put on there cloths and packed their stuff. They took the bus and they dropped of Veronica).
Veronica: Man today was really fun. Thanks for inviting me.
Jenny: Ok!
(Erik and Jenny walked home together. As Erik is dropping Jenny off at her house, Erik kissed her on her cheek).
Jenny: Bye Erik.
Erik: Bye. See you tomorrow.

The End

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