tranquilized beauty

November 21, 2009
My body moves silently across the dance floor. Every moment tranquilizes my body with passion. Every step reawakens my soul. You see me more and more as I get more into my dance. This is my time. I’m shining and I’m radiant. This is a side of me you never knew about. I’m more beautiful and graceful then you ever imagined. I feel like I’m dancing across clouds. My feet ever so lightly slide across the floor. My body flowing gracefully. My movements are a work of art. They are something you’ve never pictured before, for I have created them myself. They are my own creation. An outlook on my soul; a peek if I might say. These “peeks” don’t happen every often, so keep your eyes open and embrace my shining moment. Capture how elegant my body dances across the room. Such passion, such love, such grace, I am the star. My eyes sparkle, my cheeks are brightly colored a pinkish red. My beauty shouts to you, you can’t help but watch me.

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