November 18, 2009
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You are about to encounter a story, about a girl desperately looking for that missing piece. No matter what she does she cannot shake the overwhelming feeling that something is missing in her existence. Meet Gwendolyn, for years she has been putting together, her mess of a jigsaw life. Studying each piece carefully, looking for a match. “Little did she know that was all about to change.”

The day of November 6th started out like any other. With her alarm clock screaming, she was awoken from a dead sleep. It was all the same, she walked step by step like every terrible day, just to fill the corners of her own puzzled way. School was boring, she watched as the clocked winked by. Gwendolyn heard a string of laughter coming from a group of kids she was not a part of. She had a lot of friends, but they had just come and gone over the years. I guess you could say she was a bit of a loner. Not the creepy kind of loner that carries around a large backpack with the huge earphones that block the world out. She just doesn’t fit in well with other people, no one really understands how her mind works, not even her. Anyways I am getting off track, like I said things were all about to change. School ended, and she walked out the brightly painted doors, It was only beginning of November and already it was freezing. “Hello.”
“Can I help you?”
“I just thought I would introduce myself, I’m Derrick.”
I know exactly who you are we have been in the same class all year she thought to herself. “Gwendolyn; and what exactly do you want?”
“Nothing, I’ll leave.”
“Wait I’m sorry” he turned around and walked back toward her.
“Can I have your number?”
“What, my number, why?”
“So, I can call you” he said with a confused look.
“Umm okay” It came out as a skeptical whisper that was only acknowledged in existence by the fact that the cloud of her breath escaped her icy, blue, lips. She wrote down her number and walked away, wondering why did he want my number? Why did he introduce himself to me?

It was a huge surprise to her when derrick called later that night and invited her to the movies for that following evening. They weren’t friends; they definitely didn’t orbit in the same social solar system. She hesitantly accepted and he continued to talked he asked question after question and she answered him. As the next day had turned to dark, she had carefully painted her face to cover up the flaws of her humanity. First she powdered the wrinkles of knowledge, and then coated her mouth with a heavy blood red, and ¬finally black ink in the crevices of her eyes. Nerves took over as she paced and contemplated back and forth in front of the window, waiting for him. He showed up only three minutes past seven, and from that moment on it was as if they were one person, always together, even when they were apart.
It didn’t take long for her to put her guard down like she had never before. . “Babe, you’re the best” he said “I know I know” “Do you know that I love you?” and he kisses her, in front of everyone. She smiles. “I love you too”. More than you know. What was a girl to do when put in such a situation? One day she was alone and the next she had a gorgeous boy by her side. For a while he, made the pain go away; he covered the empty hole with Band-Aids and the hope promise of a better life together. Derrick didn’t last forever, but that’s another story for another time. She promised herself “from this point forward I will not stand to be unhappy, I will not stand to be broken.” Gwendolyn realized she was never really missing anything she just needed a little help finding her way.

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GwendolynxD said...
Dec. 18, 2009 at 8:23 am
I would love to know what people think, both possitive and negitive. thankyou-
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