Taking Time

November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

It was late at night when I heard the shrieking. I opened my curtain to look outside, but my meticulous view impaired my sight. The second I stepped away from the window I heard another scream, thinking nothing of it, I went to bed.
As the night elapsed, I laid in my bed half asleep thinking about what I had heard and hour ago. It seemed as if the sporadic scream had stopped, but I wasn’t quite sure. Lying there, I was having my own conjectures of what the screams were about and what they were coming from. Maybe they had come from a woman walking down the street who was suddenly startled. I was curious about the source of the screams but my lax knowledge only left me to wonder.
An hour later I was unexpectedly jolted from my bed when I heard the sounds of sirens. I looked out my window and saw people congregating on the sidewalk. Running down the flight of stairs the screams from last night replayed in my mind. I knew that somehow they had something to do with the ambulance.
When I reached my neighbors I saw the paramedics wheeling a gurney out the back of the ambulance. They were putting something onto it. As the gurney was wheeled closer towards me, I could see a lurid looking body of a woman and I felt my stomach drop. I tried not to make it obvious I heard screams earlier in the night so my neighbors wouldn’t make rash conjectures about me. All that was running through my head was what I could’ve done to obviate the murder.
The ambulance drove away and everyone standing at the scene of the crime started heading towards the apartment. If only I had called the police or told someone I thought this might have been stopped. Feeling awful, I got into my bed and laid there thinking about what I just witnessed and how I thought nothing of it at first.

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