Haru Yutsi

November 15, 2009
By MindyJones BRONZE, McEwen, Tennessee
MindyJones BRONZE, McEwen, Tennessee
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A pen is the tongue of the mind.

My thre my pencil down on the desk in front of me. "This is hopeless." I whispered. I suddenly looked up at my Creative Writers teacher who raised an eyebrow at me. "Something you'd like to share Mr. Yutsi?" My fellow classmates all stared at me at this point. "No maam." She continued grading the papers we turned in from last week. I shouldn't say we. From the time I had joined the class I hadn't turned in a single thing. It was the worst writers block of my life, and my grade had remained a 24 for the past fourteen weeks. At this rate, my mother wouldn't be happy at the end of the year. The dismisal bell rang, and I slowly sulked out into the hall. I walked over to my locker, and my 'girlfriend' waited for me playing with some bracelet she had probably made in art II. "Haru! I made you something!" She ran up to me and placed a solid pink bracelet on my right wrist." I sighed and half-smiled for her. "Thankyou Aki." I walked towards my locker and grabbed my math book and continued to sulk towards my class. Aki was a sweet girl, she had lots of personality. Lots of personality. She had jet black hair she had always tied in ribbons in high pig-tails, and porcelain skin, which classed against her solid brown eyes. About six months ago she had old all of her friends I was her boyfriend, and we we're going to have a wedding in the Spring we graduated. I had attempted to politely explain to her we were never to be a couple, but she was a difficult one to explain this to. The day passed by quickly, and I walked off campus and headed towards home. I stopped by a tiny market to buy a strawberry milk, a usual routine for me. I was growing tired of my daily schedule, and joked with my mother about often seeing the future. The bell rang on the door, letting the stor manager know there was another customer. I looked over at him, and he suddenly whipped out a gun and pointed it at the attendant at the register. "Give me the money in the register and the safe! Now! Everyone else on the floor!" I hit the floor and leaned my body against a stand. I looked up at my surroundings and to my left sat 12 soup cans. I scanned the distance from me to the robber, and as the attendant handed him the money, I threw the can at the robber's head. I was suprised when it actually hit him and the men went toppling down to the floor. I saw blood soaking the floor and looked at the attendant, who was in utter shock. He quickly ran over to the phone and dialed for the police. I places my hands in my pockets and walked out the door. The police could handle it from here, I thought as I began my walk back home.

The author's comments:
I am imagining a manga, but I can't draw at all, so imagination will have to do for now. I'd like to dedicate this to my sister. She is a rather big manga fan.

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