October 28, 2009
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Hi my name is Sophie, and I am a shopaholic. It all started out when I was thirteen. I was excited and so where my parents. They were so excited that gave me three and a half by two inch plastic card. Every girls dream!

So I called up my best friend and went shopping. I spent over two-hundred dollars that day my parents thought it was ok since it was my birthday. I thought that it was really nice of them since that was a lot of money. At that moment I was cursed with this wonderful disease.

I couldn’t stop! In a month I spent five-hundred dollars so I tried to stop, but I couldn’t I spent so much that the horrible day came. I was in my room do homework so innocent. Then my dad came in and said “where is it!?” I knew what he was looking my credit card. My dad said that is going to take it away and never ever give it back.

So after a few years I was forgot that I even had a credit card. It was my graduation day and my best friend and I were going on a road trip a gift from are parents five star hotel and money to go to a water park. After the trip I started college and grew up and I finally thought I was mature enough to have a credit card, but I was wrong. I went bankrupt and ended it up here and that’s how I became a broke.

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