Revenge of the Wannabes : a clique novel by Lisi Harrison

October 27, 2009
Being in a clique may sound perfect. Espacially if your in Massie Block’s. She’s the ruler of her private school, OCD. The problem is, her beta, Alicia Rivera, want’s out. She loves what Massie does, and want’s to take over her thrown. This book is perfect for any girl who wants to read something out of the ordinary. Most of us aren’t filthy rich and cunning like these girls, so this series a guilty pleasure.

This book is my favorite out of the whole series. The weather is cold, it’s Christmas time, but the girls aren’t in the spirit of giving. Massie suddenly turns the whole group against Alicia when she starts to try to take over Massie’s weekly sleepovers on Friday nights. For some reason, Alicia doesn’t cry and start to apologize, she fights back. She starts to form her own clique, trying to replace the old one. She wants everyone to have confidence in her, not Massie.

I also love this book because of the adventures these girls get into. They end up modeling for Teen Vogue because (Spoiler!) Alicia and her new sidekick Olivia win a contest. (Olivia Ryans is a ditzy blonde who recently got a nose job and looks like a blonde model straight out of a photoshoot.) And the editors of Teen Vogue get a good taste of not only the fight, but of the guy drama. Massie is accused of stealing Claire Lyon’s crush, while Massie is completely in love with a new guy. But to find out what’s going on you need to read the series!

This series has become wildly popular among middle school girls. This series is so addicting! Once you read the first chapter of any of the books, you won’t be able to put it down! In these books they come up with clever comebacks, mean pranks, and bad rumors. But that’s just the fun of it all. You don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy these books, I guarantee that right off the bat, if you are girly, you will LOVE this series.

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