Middle School

October 21, 2009
By addie addie BRONZE, Denver, CO 80203, Colorado
addie addie BRONZE, Denver, CO 80203, Colorado
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The rain pitter pattered on the roof awakening me to a new day- my first day of 7th grade. It was on 5:30am and my alarm was set for 6:00 I tried to fall back asleep but I was way to excited so I sat up and pulled my fluffy tie dye bedding around me, sighing while thinking today was going to be epic, my first time in middle school. I got up and opened the two doors to my walk in closet, my bare feet on the fuzzy pink rug made it feel like I was walking on clouds and my clothes made it feel like heaven. I started ripping my designer clothes off hangers looking for the perfect outfit and then I found one. Dark blue skinny jeans, white Guess tank top with ruffle straps, silver rope belt, turquoise fringe moccasin boots, gold aviators, and my new Coach bag. It was completely Boho Chic and totally cute. I curled my light brown hair, put on smoky eye shadow with hints of turquoise to match my boots; put on silver eye liner and black mascara trying to add something special to my plain brown eyes; layered on Lip Smackers lip gloss strawberry flavored; and sprits myself with my Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume. Perfect, I was ready for the best year ever!
I walked out my cherry, red door and slid on my aviators; the rain had stopped and the bright sunlight was shining through the clouds. I pulled out my blackberry and right then the school bus screeched to a stop in front of my house. I walked up the aisle. I stared at all the new faces that were looking up at me, and then something just took me over. I walked right past all the nerds that were sitting up front, the average kids that were in the middle, and right to the back where some cute 8th grade boys were sitting- they were skaters. One had black hair and green eyes and the other had blonde hair and blue eyes, the one with black hair was way hotter.
When we got to Thomas Junior High I walked with confidence towards the gym where I found my best friends, May, Ivy, Marie, and Kay. We all hugged and walked up to the top of the bleachers. There we talked and talked about what each other missed over the summer until the principal came in. Mr. Glasseres walked into the gym dressed in a blue suit. He spoke loudly and clearly while he went over the school rules which none of them I listened to except for the dress code and the cell phone/ electronics policy. The dress code I listened to in utter disbelief No spaghetti strapped shirts, tank tops have to be more than 3 finger wide; skirts/shorts/dresses have to be longer than arm length, etc. I mean why do they have to be so cruel, my designer clothes probably won’t follow any of the rules. But even worse than that was the cell phone/ electronics policy, our phones have to be off during school, we can’t text or talk on them; we can’t listen to our iPods, etc. Like seriously like school isn’t bad enough. The rest of the assembly was a blur because I was so stressed on how I was going to live without my blackberry for a few hours. When Mr. Glasseres was done talking Kay, May, Ivy, Marie and I walked off to class after all somehow we ended up with all the same classes together.
We all walked into our first class it was art an elective so it was mixed with 7th and 8th graders. We went up to our teacher Ms. Fritze and got our assigned seats and of course all my best friends sat together at a table on one side of the room and I sat at a table on the other side. I sat down in my seat and looked at my feet, sad because I was sitting at a table with nobody. Then suddenly I heard a chair pull out from under my table and I looked up, there sitting across from me was the black hair green eyed gorgeous skater from my bus. I wasn’t jealous of my best friends anymore and when I looked over at there table I knew that from there drooling staring faces that they were jealous of me.
“Hey.” I looked up from my assignment book and stared into the mysterious boys eyes of sea green his deep voice matched his appearance. “Hi.” I squeaked back and then there it was his smile the smile of bright white teeth, the smile of my new crush. “I’m Talan, Talan Black.” His voice whispered ever so slightly at me and then a weird bubbly feeling appeared in the pit of my stomach a feeling of which I new meant that he was special and he was the boy I was falling for hard. “Well I’m Morgan, Morgan Callahan.” The rest of the day was a amazing after that moment and I knew that middle school was going to be amazing because of Talan Black but what I didn’t know about was all the drama in middle school but I would soon find out.

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