protecting powerless

November 14, 2009
By Anonymous

When Jasmine lee was twenty-four year old, she married to the man of her dreams but she never imaged that he would put his hands on her. That’s when Jasmine knew that everything had change for the worst. Even when David Johnson (husband) would apolozied, she knew he would do it again. Enduring the pain and hiding the scares from family, friends and co-worker. She knew that the pain and scares will always remain on her of what he did. Wondering why she hasn’t told anyone about it, she would tell her problem or if something was wrong to her parents and her best friend.
After two and half years, Jasmine had enough of being the victim and feeling sorry for herself. That’s when she realized that she had to leave him before it was too late. Day after day went and she continued to make her plans to leave, knowing that it wasn’t easy. In the back of her mind she knew that if he found out that she was planning to leave, he would have killed her. Six months later, Jasmine went undercover in the Abuse Victim Program.
Finally Jasmine got her new life together, still thinking about her old life and the people she left behind. She wanted to open a shelter for women who have been victim of abuse before she could do that she volunteers in program called “Hope”. Therefore, it would be a place for victims of domestic violence and all other type of abuse. While volunteering she was working on opening her shelter. After a few months later, her dream came true when the shelter open. Now the shelter help out about 200 to 300 victim and it’s expected to help out more in the future. Jasmine said, “That open the shelter helped her see that they’re more to life after abuse and it’s never okay to be the victim. And that the person being abuse should get out before it’s too late”.

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