A Best Friend Rescue

November 3, 2009
By Anonymous

“Wait, wait, wait!” she yelled, chasing after the big yellow bus that seemed to mock her as it sped off, leaving her behind for the third time this week.

“Not again,” Krista moaned, stomping her foot against the dark black pavement. She now stood alone in the middle of the street, frustrated with herself for missing the bus yet again. With no other choice, Krista began her long three-mile walk to school, the sun beating down on her fair skin. Sweat beads started to form on her forehead right below her bright, cherry-red hair. She arrived at school 45 minutes late, walking into her first hour just before the bell rang to dismiss the class. Everyone laughed because they all knew Krista had missed the bus once more. A few boys walked by and knocked her glasses to the floor. Krista picked them up, turned around, and walked out of class along with her fellow juniors.

Ever since she was little, Krista had always been a good, smart and well-mannered child. With her red hair, freckled face, thin and short body type, she was the typical farm girl. Her emerald green eyes were always covered by her thick, round glasses that overtook her slim, well-defined face. The clothes she chose to wear reflected all the chores she did on her family’s farm. Overalls, red plaid shirts and cut-off jeans were some of her favorites. Krista had one friend, Becca, who was incredibly smart. She had thick, dark brown hair, with big hazel eyes and a small pointed nose. The two were inseparable and spent almost every minute of their lives together. Nothing could ever tear them apart.

The next morning Krista got on the bus, relieved that she hadn’t missed it, and took her usual seat in the front, right next to Becca. They arrived at school and went their separate ways towards their lockers. Just before Krista reached her locker, the “popular” girls of the school stopped her.

“Hey Krista, wait up!” Lindsay, the most popular of the group shouted. Lindsay had long blonde hair that extended all the way to the middle of her back. Her baby blue eyes glowed just like her perfect skin. Everyone agreed, she was the best looking girl in school. Almost everyone wanted to be friends with her, including Krista.

“Hey Lindsay!” Krista said a bit too merrily. “I love your outfit!”

“Thank you!” Lindsay replied, used to people giving her compliments. “I’m having a party at my house on Saturday, and I was just wondering if you wanted to come.”

“Yes, of course! I would love to come!” Krista answered getting ready to scream with excitement.

“OK, cool. So, I guess I’ll see you there.” Lindsay said as she gracefully walked away.

Krista had completely forgotten that the same Saturday, Becca was having her birthday party. Krista had never been invited to one of Lindsay’s parties before, but she had also never missed Becca’s birthday. She knew that missing Becca’s birthday party would break her heart, but Krista also knew that if she went to Lindsay’s party, Lindsay would possibly consider Krista one of her friends. After contemplating her options while walking to her next class, Krista came to a decision. She decided that she would tell Becca she was sick, and go to Lindsay’s party.

When Saturday finally came around, Krista could hardly contain her excitement. Her first big party was going to be a blast. But, she still had a guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach. She tried to get Becca off her mind as she tried on a million different outfits. She wanted to look perfect for her big night out. Krista decided to wear a blue ruffled shirt paired with a dark denim skirt and cow girl boots to top it off.
At 7 o’ clock, her mom dropped her off in front of Lindsay’s beautiful mansion. The log house was atop a beautiful green hill that overlooked a small valley that had a pond in it. Krista could see many crystal chandeliers through the massive windows. She was walking up the cobblestone path towards the door, when out of nowhere a bright red water balloon splashed all over her new blue top. She turned around to find a group of boys running towards her, all carrying silly string and water balloons. Running away would be hopeless, since she had worn her cowgirl boots. Krista stood there and covered her face with her hands as she got drenched in water and silly string. All of a sudden a car zoomed into the driveway, the driver honking the horn ferociously. Becca stepped out of the car, yelling at everyone to back away from Krista. She ran as fast as she could towards Krista and grabbed her hand, pulling her back towards Becca’s dark blue pick-up truck. As soon as the two climbed into the truck, Krista felt a pinch behind her eyes. She began to cry and started apologizing to Becca.
Earlier Becca had been in a grocery store, running some errands for her mom, when she overheard some boys talking.

“This is going to be the best prank ever!” One of the boys exclaimed.

“That’s for sure. That nerd Krista is gonna’ get it,” the other one replied, “Lindsay always has the best ideas!” Becca knew immediately that her friend was in trouble. She hurried out to her car with her mom’s groceries and sped home. After dropping off her mom’s things, she rushed over to Lindsay’s place to rescue her best friend! She now sat in her car, listening to Krista sob and apologize.

“Look, Krista,” Becca began, “I’m not mad at you! You made a mistake, and I forgive you!”

“Oh my goodness Becca, thank you so much!” Krista replied, leaning over to give her best friend a hug.

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