Learning's an Experience

November 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I walked in the huge brick-covered school with my head held decently high. Today was my first day at Goldside. I wore a concert tee and unescapable jeans.
My hoodie was almost not enough defense against the quick, crisp Autumn air.
My converse got soaked at the toe on the way in due to fresh mildewy grass.
Today was definetly starting out a good one. Totally.
Once inside, I think I preferred the mildew-style grass in the front.
I got some pretty malicious glares, eyebrows raised, eyes narrowed slightly,whispers. Oh yeah, this day could not get any better.
Intimidation is a strong motivator for most people. I figured they thought I'd just turn around and stroll right out, picking up speed.
I snickered to myself, knowing I was without any doubt imaginable, the complete opposite of that type of person.
I glanced down at the list on my papers of destinations I had to make for the day.
I wasn't actually in school, just exploring it. I started tomorrow.
I headed to my locker first, as my common sense instructed.
The color, a solid navy blue, reminded me weirdly of soft velvet.
I had to check the papers again for the combination.
I forced my mind to absorb it in memory.
When I thought I had it down, I for the first time opened it and shoved about fifteen books in it.
I attempted different strategies to make them all fit.
From behind me I could hear muffled laughter, whispering, scattering footsteps and slamming of lockers against the cold cream colored walls.
After my little episode with my new monster books, I groaned loudly and too slammed my locker shut.
I then turned around, scanning the halls for anyone who could possibly grasp any kindness to maybe give me some directions. Now, in a realistic high school here in NYC, I should've known that was far from happening. Instead, I started asking people.
About five kids later, some in groups, I had been to four completely different wings of the school.
I wanted to just scream and go tell them off.
I somehow managed to calm myself, remembering how I got here.
My mom and I had to get away to say the least.
My dad stayed behind, God only knows where. My dad's not necessarily a 'dad.'
Anyway, mom needed this. She obtained a great new job, leaving me with the responsibility of not gettign kicked out of the only school in the district.
As hard as it was, I tranquilized myself and just headed back for square one. The front door.
Apparently, the fourth wing was for seniors.
I'm a junior, wishing to just get the hell out of this all smiles and rainbow place.
I squeezed through little buddy groups that whispered some crude things that without a doubt in my mind directed at me, and yelled when I'd push by them.
One of them I just told a couple unprintable words, to make him shut up.
It worked.
The rest of the day dragged on like blood behind a bruise and the minute hand on a clock.
I finally met this one decent girl, Alyssa.
She directed me to history, room 206 she said.
I hung out with her at lunch, my eyes occasionaly scanning from table to table, taking in the school's social atmosphere.
Adrian, Alyssa's supposed work partner, was the complete opposite of her. She was genuine from the moment I had met her, while he only glanced up at me once, not even a greeting.
He sat hunched over in his seat, reading one of his school books rather intently.
I tried saying hi, but gave up after the first try.
Alyssa realized shortly after me that Adrian honestly couldn't be bothered.
"Adrian. They do call group projects for a reason. I'm in a group sadly enough, with someone who could really careless about our grade. Shape up, or I'm out."
I craned my head to look at her. Her expression was no longer genuine. Just a little steamed.
I couldn't blame her. I was glad when she did it.
I was just keeping a smile off my face while I felt that way.
My expression clearly looked bemused.
All that aside, Adrian straightened up. Literally.
He sat upright, pen in hand ready to right down any ideas.
I saw him steal a quick glance at me, my guess to see if I stuck around for Alyssa's short tantrum.
I did grin at him. Enough said.
I waited until the lunch period was over, observing Adrian and Alyssa's work.
They were intelligent, using keen vocbaulary.
They even walked with me to most of my other 'research classes' as they called it, only leaving me when they had their own.
In the rooms I went into, I still got a lot of the looks and sneers, but I actually starting laughing it off. Right in their faces to top it off.
I knew Goldside would be tough for a while but despite this, I continued the next weeks with the dignity I gained from new friends and aquaintences.
They helped me, proving to have my back through alot. Don't think I could ask for much more.

The author's comments:
I love to read and write. I have for a really long time. I have many different pieces in my computer, showing all unique ideas to base stories on. This one is completely spur of the moment, as you could definetly tell. It's my 1st on this site, so plz be gentle :P

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