The Poor Guy At Best Buy

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

One day Dorothy and her daughter Hannah had to go to Best Buy to buy a new television for Hannah’s room. As they were approaching the store Hannah noticed a man holding a sign that said, “Please help feed my kids.” He was asking for money. Hannah did not say anything to her mother, but was thinking about the man the whole way through the store. Her Mom paid for the television and a young boy helped put the television in their car. As her Mom backed up the car, she said to Hannah, “I would like to give that man some money.” Hannah had a big smile on her face and said, “How much?” and she said, “$20.00.” They drove by the man, and her mother yelled over, “Sir, here’s some money.” He walked over to their window with his head down and said, “Thank you very much.” As each day went on, Hannah could not stop thinking about that poor man. Hannah kept thinking how she could help that man so he would not have to stand outside all day long in the cold asking for money. Hannah decided to save her money and she sat down and talked with her parents about how bad she was feeling about the man with a sign. Hannah was thinking what if that was her Dad. Hannah`s Mom and Dad said they would talk with each other and would get back with her on how their family can help this guy and his family.

The next morning at the breakfast table, her Mom told Hannah of a way that could help that man and his family. She said that once a week, she would make a dinner and Hannah and her could take it to the man on the corner. Hannah was very excited and she said to her Mom, “Can we also give him a lottery ticket, just in case he would win some money?” Her Mom said, “That may be a nice idea.”

So that following Saturday, her Mom made two chickens, two pans of mashed potatoes, two bowls of corn, and a chocolate cake with sprinkles on top. They ate as a family, and when they were finished cleaning up, they packed the stuff up and off they went in the car. Hannah asked her Mom if she got the lottery ticket and she said “yes.” They went to the same spot and sure enough that man was there. Hannah’s Mom pulled off the road and said, “Sir, I have a dinner for you.” He walked over to the window and he still had his head down, but Hannah saw a smile on his face. He said, “Thank you so much that was so kind of you.” My Mom asked him what his name was and he said “Ken, my name is Ken.” She said, “Ken, I hope you and you’re family enjoy your meal and there is also a lottery ticket inside the bag.” He thanked us again and walked away. They watched him as they drove away and he walked over, grabbed his sign, and started walking down the street. Hannah was very happy because he did not have to stand out in the cold any longer.

All day long Hannah would think about Ken at school wondering if he had food for the night to give his family. Hannah would hope that he would win some money from that lottery ticket to help his family out.

Saturday finally came and in the kitchen Hannah’s Mom was making two of everything. One for their family and one for Ken’s. Again, they ate and off in the car they went. Hannah asked her Mom again, “Did you get the lottery ticket?” She said, “Yes.” Sure enough, Ken was standing there with his sign. Hannah`s mom pulled off the side of the street and yelled for Ken to come over. He did, but this time he looked my Mom in the eyes. Hannah`s Mom said “I have dinner for you and your family again.” He again said, “Thank you very much and your meal last week was very good.” They asked him if he had any luck with the lottery ticket, and he said, “I did, I actually won $100 and I was able to go out and buy myself a suit, so I could go on job interviews.” They were so happy. He said, “I am so glad that I had met you.” Hannah`s Mom said, “We are very happy that we can help you.” Hannah`s Mom said, “Well I better get going, enjoy your meal.” Ken said, “Thank you.”

Again, all week long Hannah thought of Ken and his family. Each day Hannah would hope that his family had food. Finally, Saturday came, and again Hannah walked into the kitchen and her mom had two of everything. Again, they cleaned up and off they went. They pull up and they see Ken, but he has no sign. Hannah`s Mom pulls off the street and Ken walked quickly over to their window. Hannah`s Mom says, “Here Ken, I have another meal.” He said, “I got a good job now and I no longer have to beg for money, I am really thankful for your kindness, and I am just so happy I won that money to buy a nice suit for my interview.” They were so happy for Ken. Hannah`s Mom said, “Well take the meal any way, and have a blast with your family.” He said, “I will do that, and again thank you, and I will no longer be at this corner!”

Hannah could not wait to get home to tell her Dad what happened. They hoped that Ken would win a lot of money, but in the end, enough money to buy him a suit was enough to help him get a good job and he no longer has to stand out in the cold.

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