The Dream of Change

October 25, 2009
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Through slammed doors and lost hearts I made my way into making everyone feel horrible. With tiring screams and founded tears I knew I didn’t try to start this on purpose. It was something typical; parents and teenager. Misunderstanding each other as the day went on. In somber silence I dreaded for a new day, wishing, hoping. Yet, something was holding time down. A voice spoke up. “Amber, you need to have more respect for your parents,” my mom warned. I responded in complete ignorance. “Uh-huh. Whatever.” “All of your privileges will be taken away unless you don’t change your ways. I‘m warning you!” I walked off and then realized I couldn’t take any of it anymore. Running all the way upstairs and into my room, I ended the conversation by closing my door softly, while secretly slamming it in my mind. The door in real life had been slammed way too many times. I picked up the phone gently and pressed numbers of only memory. “Every night recently I have been getting in trouble. Every night I have been getting into arguments with my parents. Can’t u tell how sick I am of it?” I whined to my best friend Daniella on the phone. “ I don’t know, Amber. Maybe you should stop acting so rude towards them, or actually act like you like them once in a while. I am just suggesting. Don‘t take it personal or anything. You know what I mean.” No, I didn’t know what she meant. This was no help at all. “ I have to go Daniella. Bye.” I rolled my eyes and merely hung up the phone. I laid my head on the pillow, shut my eyes, and closed my thoughts. This night ended in silence so disturbing the ringing pierced my ears. While lost in sleep, all I could hope for was a better day.
* * *

I meandered unto the white steps that lead to my front door of my home, shocking confusion and disarray in my dark brown eyes. It wasn’t controlled. Many police cars rested on my driveway, as if they needed to be there, as if they belonged there. I turned away from shameless glares and gazes at such vehicles and made my way to see through my front glass doors. I suddenly turned the doorknob, and scurried in a haste to perceive many tall policeman surrounding my living room. They stopped from what they were doing to only gaze at a newcomer. “W-Whats going o-on?” I stuttered. “Ms.Ranea?” “Yeah…., I lagged.” “Miss,” the police man started to articulate his deep words. “I’m sorry, but it seems like we have a substance that holds great importance to explain to you.” I did not quite comprehend his words and repeated myself once more. “What is going on?” This time shouting due to the fact that the police officer didn’t speak soon enough. As they begin to pour out some sort of news to me, their harsh words pulled tears of despair out of my eyes. This was something I could not seem to control. I remained stabled, but weak, as I could see ahead in time. I knew what was coming. “Your parents have seemed to, pass away in a car accident.” I slashed the clear tears that wrote sadness on my face and buckled through his English accent. I wasn’t noticing it, but denial became to step in. “What?” I questioned in a remarkably bias tone. I continued. “ No they did not! Stop being ridiculous! I- I will just see my mom and dad when they come home. They always come home. Always!” I reinforced to them that they have mistaken a huge mistake that had held a great value. * * * In a blurred surrounding, two parents held a small hand. A young but brave child, with long, brown hair, responded, and held her parent’s big hands. Her palm fit into theirs. Strolling through Disney Land with a smile on her face was what was happening. The small girl firmly held tight to her mommy’s and daddy’s hand. She would never let go. “Mommy! Look! It’s Cinderella’s Castle!” “Yes, honey, it is! Would you like to go inside?”
From the rage of excitement the young girl acted quickly without any sense of though by any means, nor thoughts of her parents. She tugged, then merely releasing her tiny palm from her parents, and ran off.
* * * “Ma’am?” The police officer snapped his finger in my face as I stared at the ground, leaving no explanation.. Imagination and memories took over as I continued to daydream. The officer repeated himself. “Ma’am! I’m going to need you to keep focus! This is a very serious situation!” I
blinked hastily while coming back to reality, unfortunately. The police officer slowly stepped forward with open arms to comfort me, but I stepped backwards, matching his every step, his every speed. “Didn’t you hear me?” I continued. My strong sense of oblivion would not seem to run away or understand what these people were telling me. “They will be home soon, you watch it. They would never leave me. Never! So all you police men just run along. Get outta my house!” The policeman gave each other looks only they could understand.
I ran upstairs taking small, quick steps of anger and slammed my door once I reached the top of my ignorant thoughts. I didn’t seem to believe those guys downstairs but the tears just would not stop running. I grabbed my phone, snatching it from its ownership on the desk and pressed numbers into the phone as hard as I could. Taking my anger out on the phone, I dialed my mom’s number. I held the phone to my ear, but dropped it half way through the ringing process once I realized that she was not going to answer. I left my hand in its position, too concerned to drop it back down, and screamed and cried like I was going to win some sort of prize for it. My thoughts on denial stayed strong, but I still cried thinking of any chance that what these police officers were telling me, could be true. * * * Sunrise came a beautiful yet cold morning. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up as quickly as I could. I looked all around me in a hurry, confused of everything. Where was I? What was happening? I ripped the covers off me and ran out of my room, and to the staircase. I held on to the railing with a tight grip and questioned everything once again. I then took a deep breath and ran down the stares. Where were all of the policemen? I thought to myself. I slid around the corner to glance at my parents sitting at the table. My eyes widened and I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Mom? Dad? You’re alive!” I ran up to my parents and gave them the biggest hug I could ever imagine. “Yes…we are,” my parents replied. They hugged me back but had no clue of what I was thinking. “What’s going on?” they asked. “It was yesterday, I think. I’m not quite sure of what happened. I just remember there were many police officers standing in our living room. They had told me you passed away in a car accident.” “No, no, honey.” My dad placed his hand on my forehead. “Are you alright? You must have had a nightmare.” I didn’t say anything for a few moments. “I did?” I questioned. I came to my senses. “I did!” I realized the obvious. My mind was in a different place, though. A nightmare had came across me. A nightmare so real I was convinced it was true. A dream so real it made me realize something important. My parents were not going to be around forever. Arguing and fighting was not the right way to spend most of my time with them. Apologizing was not something I was used to, but I had might as well given it a try. “ I’m sorry.” That was all I had to say. They knew exactly what I meant. That dream which brought change gave me a whole knew way of thinking. I finally heard the words of my mom. “Change your ways,” and today, I would actually try.

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