Impossible Love

October 13, 2009
By Areli BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Areli BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Hey Carina do you wanna go out with me?
Smack! (kiss)
Wait let me punish myself to make sure that I am not dreaming.
“Oh no! I was dreaming again! O man! It can't be!” I blurted out.
“Get ready for school already! Or then you'll be late!”exclaimed mom.

I got any old shirt, pant, socks, shoes, and bush; and started getting ready because if I got marked late l more time I would have detention for 3 hours after school and get grounded. I changed as fast as the speed of light.
“I SAID HURRY UP! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME!” repeated mom.
“Of course I heard you who didn't? I said in my mind. He he he he.
“Let's go now mom. I am already ready,”I told mom..
“Finally, what took you so long? Get in the car because I am not telling the office that this was an excused tardy if you are late to school today,”remarked mom.
I got in the car slowly because if I got late I would have an after school detention but the good part of coming late would be then when I got inside the classroom Tony would look at me.
“Get off! And hurry up!And don't come home late!” yelled mom as she pushed me out of the car.
“Oh man it didn't work!Hush! But if I walk slower than I already am then I will be late; and mom said to not come late home so I'd better start running,” I thought in disappointment. I ran as if I was running on a marathon and the winer got to hug Tony and $100 so as you can imagine I was going as fast as Speedy Gonzales.
After School
“Excuse you. Can you tell me why you were looking at my boyfriend all threw out the class?” reclaimed Gissel, Tony's girlfriend.
“Me? Are you speaking to me? Cuz you better not be,” I replied back .
“Well guess what?”
“I was and still am speaking to you young brat,” Gissel responded as she snapped her fingers and moved her head in circles.
“What did you call me?”
“Young brat. Why you got in issue?” Gissel mentioned it again for me. (even thought she was not supposed to.)
“Yes in matter of fact I do. Why do you want to start something?”
“No cuz you already started something and I want to end what you have began and can't unfortunately can't end.”
“But you were the one who came over here and started sh*t. I was not the one who started all this you were.”
“Me? you were the one who started looking at my boyfriend in the first place.”
“Well I have eyes and you use your eyes to look at things and since this is a free country I can look at anything that I want to look at. If someone has a problem or not.”
“What are you doing speaking to this person in that tone of voice? And about what?” stated Tony.
“Oh nothing,” insisted Gissel.
“Well it didn't sound like nothing from all the way at the end of the hall,” reported Tony.
“Am I really that loud?” wondered Gissel.
“Yes you are honey but its okay just give this young person an apology,” demanded Tony.
“For what?” requested Gissel.
“For speaking to her in that rood and unnecessary tone,” retorted Tony.
“Fine. Hush. I'm I'm sor I'm sorr I'msorryforspeakingtoyouinthatbadtoneofvoice. Now lets go and forget all about this Tony kay,” empathized Gissel.
“I know you can do better than that. Come on do it right,” begged Tony.
“I can but I wont now come on lets go!” screamed Gissel.
“I'm sorry about all of this,” apologized Tony.
“It's okay,” I accepted.
“Thanks. But at least she apologized she does not do this to anyone,” countered Tony.
“Thanks for defending me I appreciate it,” I breathy said.
“It was nothing I'll do it for you anytime,” comforted Tony.
“Oh how nice,” I whispered.
“Hey mom what are you doing?” I asked mom.
“Nothing. Why are you so happy?” questioned mom.
“No reason why mom,” I replied.
Dear Diary,


MY day so far has been fabulous everything is getting better and better every second. Tony defended me from his girlfriend instead of defending her. He sure put her in her place. I am starting to think that every time that I talk to Tony I have more confidence to tell him what I actually feel for him. That's all I have to say about my day today. See you later. T.T.Y.L. (Talk To You Later) Right now I just want to go to sleep cuz I am so tired.
Your's truly,
*Carina the best and only*
Now where were we? Oh I remember now!
I love you so much and I want to marry you right now!
Well you have to declare to me in front of my parents.
I'll go do it right now! So we can get married as soon as possible!
“Not again! Oh but this time it's the phone. Hello who is this? Come on I was having the best dream ever! And for you to just waste my time that is not cool!” I fussed.
Next Day

As soon as I woke up I got my close off the hanger, went to the bathroom, and changed while I was still trying to wake up. When I was done I put on some socks then I put on my purple Converse.
“Mom can you come over here to do my hair?” asked mom.
“I'll be right there in a second. What was wrong with you last night you kept moving and making weird noses? One of the sounds sounded like if you couldn't breath. So I called you on the phone,” responded mom.
“So it was you. Why didn't you answer me?”I exclaimed.
“Because when you answered I hanged up imminently. Because then I knew that you were alright,” explained mom.

“There I am done.”
“Thanks mom.”
“It was nothing. Hurry up because today you walk and I don't want you to be late with out... Never mind forget it.” I barely got to school because I was so tired and sleepy I can't believe some one didn't run me over.
“Carina do you know what crazy thing I heard yesterday?” asked Amilia (my best friend.)
“No. What?” I questioned.
“That Tony's girlfriend wants to fight you!” she screamed.
“What ever,” I said as I waved my hand.
“No seriously.”
“Well if she wants to fight me then bring it on! But she has to come tell me in my face.”
“She coming right your way right now so get ready.”
“Meet me in the ally after school. Be there or your my slave for the rest of the year,” ordered Gissel.
“No no no I say where we are meeting. Meet me at the park at 8 or Tony's going to be my boyfriend!” I ordered her.
“Wow you sure showed her. It was time already some body did,” Amilia thanked me. In math, literacy, social studies, lunch, and art I couldn't stop think that I was actually going to fight some one because I have never fought any one because I am a peaceful person. When I got home my mom asked me, “Whats wrong with you sweet heart?”
“Nothing mom,” I sighed.
“Thats not what your face and body is telling me.”
“Well this girl told me that she wants to fight me at 8 and I accepted.”
“But how could you?”
“If I didn't they would have told me chicken.”
“Well knowing you you'll do the right thing. I thought about it all while I was eating.”
“Mom can I go to park its 8? Please!”
“Sure but do the right thing.”
“Okay.” While I was walk was thinking about what I was going to say.
“Finally you arrived,”Gissel complained. When I got there I noticed that almost every one in the class was there.
“I don't want to fight you,” I said as I walked up to her.
“Why are you chicken?”
“No it just that I think that violence is not the right way to solve things.”
“Well I do!”
“But I like girls that are agents violence so its over. And in front of all of you guys I would like to ask you Carina do you want to be my girl friend?” declared Tony.
“Yes with pleasure!” I shouted.
“Wait I want to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Yes I am not dreaming! My dream has come true!” I whispered.

The author's comments:
Is is a romantic story.

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