When Forever Ends

November 10, 2009
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It's dark outside except for the stars that illuminate the sky and the lone bulb known as your porch light.
We sit side by side in separate chairs while the smell of your Camel cigarette slowly starts to surround us. It's peaceful like this and I take a sip of my drink allowing the cool taste to make it's way down before I turn to take in your profile. It hasn't changed, you have the look of determination and a leader in your face and I know that you'll go places someday.
You then turn to me and we discuss our lives. You remember that I play the piano. I then realize that you probably remember a lot of things about me. I know I do about you.
You inhale again from your cigarette and I take another drink. You look at me different, not a bad different but as though you are trying to figure me out. It should make me nervous but it doesn't, I'm too lost in the cool night air that is coated with cigarette smell to care. I'm too comfortable. We fall silent and drink at the same time.
I look straight ahead, a slight smile across my face and I feel you look at me. it's here when I know the difference between you and me, we're both comfortable but you're scared and I'm not. You have enough left to take at least three drags out of your cigarette but instead you just put it out and we no longer sit.

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