wolf thoughts

October 20, 2009
By micheal BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
micheal BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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BANG! Wow, what was that? It’s hunting season already? Wow, time flew this year. “BANG”! Run! He’s after me! Where am I going to go? If I go home he will get my family too. I will lose him at the fork near my house if they find me I will go to the tall grasslands. I hope “BANG”! Hopefully the grass will hided me. Here’s the fork! “BANG”! Owe that hurt… Run to the grassland! I hope I can make it to the grasslands with this shot wound in my leg. I should be able to make it it’s not too far… Oh wow it was closer than I thought. I’m already here. I wonder what the best place to hide is… Ah ha! Right here by this tree if I lay down. He shouldn’t see me… There he is. I think he is leaving. Now I will let him out of sight before I leave… Ok. Here I go; I’m going home and get fixed up. I wish there was a way to contact Zuzin . It’s ok. Home is only .2 miles away. If I can run here, I can walk back… 15 minutes later. “Zuzin I need help. I was shot while hunting out in the fiddle area”
“That’s where the hunters hunt.”
“I didn’t know it was hunting season.”

The author's comments:
about a wolf being hunted (what hes thinking

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