Wake up call

October 27, 2009
The sun escaped thourgh my blinds, and made its way onto my pupils.I stumpled out of bed just like every other morrning.The sweet smell of maple syrup, rushed thourgh my nostrals and sent a message of delight to my brain.I arrived in my kitchen at 9:30 am.I sat down at the dark-wooden table, across from my mother.She had a horrified expession on her sun-kissed face."Mom, wha whats going on?" I already knew that hearing her answer would kill me.She unclenched the phone out of her tiny delicate hands,and carefully set it down on the table.It was clear she was in no hurry to give me the answer,that I was highly anticipateing."...There was an accident"she spoke so softly I couldent be sure if thats what she really said.

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